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Exhibit Spaces

Location: Bapst Art Library, Exhibit Cases

Contact: Laurie Mayville |

Description of space: One exhibit case in Gargan Hall and three exhibit cases in the entry level of the Library.

Policy for use of space: Exhibit space is used to highlight books in the collection and selected art works.


Location: Bapst Student Art Gallery

Contact: Kevin Tringale  |

Description of space: Mezzanine above the student lounge on the lowest level of the Bapst Library.

Policy for use of space: The Bapst Student Art Gallery was established in 2004 to highlight the works of art created by Boston College students, primarily in Studio Art classes at Boston College.  It is administered by the Student Art Club, which plans, curates and publicizes their events.


Location: Gargan Hall, Bapst Art Library

Contact: Laurie Mayville |

Description of space: Contemplative atmosphere for up to 30 two dimensional works which can be displayed on easels. 

Policy for use of space: Open to exhibits which give visual testimony to the Jesuit values and concerns of Boston College.  Note that this is not a secured area and the Libraries assume no responsibilities for works while on display.


Location: Burns Library

Contact: Bridget Burke |

Description of space: Ford Tower (2 cases) Fine Print Room (2 cases) Irish Room (wall cases), and Burns Hall (wall cases).

Policy for use of space:  Exhibits highlight collections in the Burns Library.


Location: Educational Resource Center, Campion Hall G13

Contact: Margaret Cohen, Head Librarian | | 617-552-4919

Description of space: One wall with bulletin board and two bookcases (approximately 11 linear feet)

Policy for use of space: This space is designated to feature educational and curriculum materials. Student work may be exhibited with approval of ERC exhibit committee.


Location: O’Neill Library, 3rd floor Lobby

Description of space: There are four horizontal cases in the O’Neill Lobby.

Policy of use for the main exhibit case: Exhibits in O’Neill are part of the Library’s educational outreach and are specifically created to stimulate interest in, and encourage further study of, the topics showcased in the displays.  One case is devoted to campus events, and the remaining are open to exhibits which highlight collections, spotlight interesting research being done on campus, explore current and/or historically important events, or demonstrate cultural trends and their significance for the BC community.

 Contact: Jonas Barciauskas |


Location: O’Neill Library, Level One Gallery, 1st floor

Description of space: The galley is an open space of 770 sq. ft., with wall space of 385 sq. ft. for displaying flatwork art only.

Policy for use of space:
Since 2009 Level One Gallery in O'Neill Library has been a space for the BC Community to display their creative work from the various clubs and organizations on campus. The Boston College Libraries fully support the Arts here at the university and the gallery encourages the creative spirit of Boston College.

Contact: Kevin Tringale |


Location: O’Neill Library: Level Three Gallery, 3rd floor

Description of space: Gallery space for hanging art, 11’ tall with at total length of approximately 75’. The entire length includes 3 wall bays that are 24’ each with 2 pilasters bump outs at one third intervals. There is existing library furniture in front of the wall that comes to about 3 feet of the lower portion of the wall.

Policy for use of space:
Level Three Gallery in O'Neill Library is a space for the BC faculty and alumni to display their creative work. Work should support the educational purpose and curricula of the university.

Contact: Kevin Tringale |


Location: O’Neill Reading Room, 3rd floor

Description of space: There are two horizontal cases in the O’Neill Reading Room.

Policy of use of space: Exhibits in the O’Neill Reading Room feature special collections from the John J. Burns Library.

 Contact: Bridget Burke |


Location: Theology and Ministry Library Atrium Gallery; lower level Theology and Ministry Library

Description of space: Approximately 90 linear feet of space along three walls fitted with picture rail.

Policy for use of space: Exhibits are sought which are consistent with the Jesuit mission of Boston College and, more specifically, with the mission and values of the School of Theology and Ministry

Contact: Esther Griswold |