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Level Three Gallery - O'Neill Library Exhibits

The Nature of Culture

Sponsored by The Fine Arts Department and The Boston College Libraries
September - December, 2015

Nature of Culture poster

Peripatetic by nature, I have linked my work as an artist to my travels.  Travel, as a source of visual imagery and inspiration has long been a part of both the European and American painting traditions.  For me, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia occupy a special place in my heart and in my mind’s eye.  The natural and cultural landscapes of these places are formidable sources for my work.

The works in this exhibition investigate the relation between nature and culture.  I am fascinated by the ways in which different cultures present idealized versions of the natural and social worlds.  This recent series of prints reference images from Art Deco, Japanese ukiyo-e prints and medieval heraldry. These approaches use bold, flat design, crisp, fluid drawing and strong color, and produce powerful images concerned with idealized beauty and are saturated with social politics.

I reference these works to explore the complex relationship between nature and culture, the meeting of Eastern and Western ideals and above all my own ideas of visual power and beauty.

I have been involved with digital printmaking for the last decade.  These prints stand on their own as completed works.  They often precede my paintings and indeed serve as a sketchbook for the larger works.                                      

Andrew Tavarelli, professor in the Fine Arts Department

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