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Level Three Gallery - O'Neill Library Exhibits

Illuminating Stained Glass: an Exhibition of Selected Decorative Windows of the Bapst and Burns Libraries 

Sponsored by the Boston College Libraries

December 01, 2013 - September 30 , 2014

Illuminating poster

The stained glass windows in the Bapst and Burns Libraries were designed by Earl Edward Sanborn in the 1920s.  The windows illustrate the various disciplines taught at Boston College; the shields of the 54 Jesuit institutions around the world; the genesis of the book; characters from Chaucer and Shakespeare; Jesuit missionaries and martyrs in the New World;  as well as literary figures, historians, orators, poets, essayists, novelists, and statesmen.  This exhibit features just a small selection of these windows.  A visit to these libraries is truly the best way to appreciate the richness of the vivid colors and artistic style.

Photographs by Gary Wayne Gilbert

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