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Level One Gallery - O'Neill Library Exhibits

Honoring Our Heritage, Building Our Future

October 2016

Sponsored by the Thea Bowman AHANA and Intercultural Center & the Boston College Libraries

 Honoring Our Heritage, Building Our Future poster

During the 2016 Hispanic Heritage Month Photo Exhibit, students and administrators wanted to focus on showcasing the beauty of Latin American culture. More importantly, we wanted to focus on the beauty beyond the cliché tourist sites and place an emphasis on the beauty of everyday life. As members of the vibrant Latin community, we honor where we came from and maintain the traditions of our ancestors. As we grow and move away from our countries of origin, we carry our heritage through generations and borders. We reflect our heritage through everyday activities in our workplace, institutions of higher learning, and at home. We continue to grow as individuals with a new identity but we never forget where we came from and how we got here.

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Level One Gallery is an exhibition area in the O'Neill Library. Current students, alumni, faculty members, and Boston College staff are encouraged to submit exhibition proposals. 

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