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Level One Gallery - O'Neill Library Exhibits

Embodied Stories:  Lived Experiences of Boston College Students

November 2-13, 2015

Exhibit poster

Embodied Stories: Lived Experiences of Boston College Students.  "We are human.  We all bear our own burdens.  We do not, however, need to bear them alone.  These intimate portraits are an attempt to convey the idea that although we might differ from one another in certain ways, we are all connected through our lived experiences---which, for better or for worse, have shaped us into the people we are today.  Scars might be a sign of something we've escaped and triumphed over; tattoos we elect to have mark us, indelibly sharing something internal, externally; our body shape and the color of our skin might participate in the pride of a culture.  By nature of living as embodied humans, we collect and grow into these marks---these identifiers---that reinforce both our individuality and our sameness.  In the spirit ofLove Your Body Week and the Women's Center's mission, it is my hope that these portraits enkindle a sense of self-acceptance and community in viewers and that they act as something of a mirror, permitting us all to reflect on our own insecurities---and how the might be celebrated."

Benjamin Flythe, featured photographer, Art History, '16

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Level One Gallery is an exhibition area in the O'Neill Library. Current students, alumni, faculty members, and Boston College staff are encouraged to submit exhibition proposals. 

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