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Level One Gallery - O'Neill Library Exhibits

The Asian-American History Exhibit

April 2016

The Asian-American History Exhibit

The purpose of this exhibit is to help illustrate the Asian American experience, a storied history often overlooked in the context of American History. This exhibit is intended to remind the audience of the unique nature of the Asian American journey, distinct in many ways from Asian history. Presented in the Level One Gallery of O’Neill Library, the exhibit will also celebrate the vibrantly diverse and dynamic communities within the Asian American context.

The Asian Caucus invites everyone to take a few moments to go through these photographs that capture a multitude of people and events that have played pivotal roles in shaping the Asian American immigrant story. Although this exhibit is only a piece of a much greater story, it cannot be stated how important it is to help educate and advocate for each other. In celebration of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we hope that this distinctive showcase of our history can shed light on the Asian American story and encourage you all to explore and share the wonderful richness of history.

Andy Chen &  HyunChan Jeong, Co-Presidents of the Asian Caucus, MCAS, ‘16

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