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O’Neill Library Lobby Exhibits

Eva McKee, Irish Artisan

March 01 - March 30, 2013

exhibit poster

Born in Belfast, Ireland in 1890, McKee was among the artists who championed the Celtic revival of Irish arts and crafts during the 1920s and 1930s. McKee and fellow artisan and business partner, Eveline McCloy, are credited with making Belfast the foremost center of craftwork in the Celtic or Irish style in the 1920s.

The exhibit includes graphic items, texts, and decorative items, including a hand painted image of an  Irish cottage and landscape with text of a poem by W.M. Letts, a card with black pen-and-ink Celtic design and the text of Saint Patrick’s Breastplate prayer, a card with black pen-and-ink Celtic design with the text Athas ar do theach which translates from the Irish as “Happiness upon your house,” a silver pin with Celtic design and blue enamel bead and a small copper plate with Celtic design.  All items are from the Eva McKee collection at the Burns Library.

The McKee exhibit celebrates both St. Patrick’s Day and Women’s History Month.

About the O’Neill Library Lobby

There are four horizontal cases in the O’Neill Library Lobby.

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