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Bapst Exhibits

Self Portrait Show

co-sponsored by Art Club and Boston College Libraries

April 14 - April 30, 2013

exhibit poster

The idea for this exhibition was proposed by Professor Sammy Chong, S.J., whose “Art of Portraiture” class was introduced this semester. The majority of the works were created by Professor Chong’s students, though the exhibition includes works from the entire BC student body. The works emphasize the formal elements of portrait-making as well as the underlying theoretical concepts. In some cases portraits can be considered as “likenesses” that have been constructed in such a way as to convey a certain feeling or sensation via their formal elements. In other cases, portraits rely more on the psychological effect of the subject and less on the creation of a believable “likeness.” This exhibition displays the breadth which the field of portraiture has to offer through the hands of BC artists.

About the Student Art Gallery

In the spring of 2004, Bapst Art Library became the host for the first ever Boston College student art gallery. The gallery is a joint endeavor of the Bapst Art Library, the Fine Arts Department, and ArtVision, a student group for the promotion of the arts on campus. The gallery features a range of media including painting, sketches, watercolors, photography, and ceramic sculptures. Students plan, jury, hang, and manage several exhibits throughout the year.

Note: This gallery is not longer in use.

You can view the archive listing here.