Liturgical Issues in Christian-Jewish Relations

June 10-11, 2001

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The Center's second invitational scholarly conference was held on June 10-11, 2001.  It explored how our liturgies can shape attitudes toward the Jewish or Christian "other." 

The conference first examined the current theological stances of Christians and Jews toward one another and then proceeded to study the degree to which these theologies are embodied liturgically. This was done through responses given to prepared draft reflection papers that stimulated conversation on the relevant questions. Participants then divided into "faith-alike" groups of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants to discuss how the liturgical issues vis-à-vis Christian-Jewish relations would need to be addressed within their particular tradition. 

Click on the links to the right for summaries of the different segments of the conference. These are not transcripts of all the papers or conversations, but synthetic abstracts that aim to present concisely the most salient points. 

Click below for summaries:

»Theological Stances Toward the Christian or Jewish "Other"

» Liturgy and Attitudes Toward the Christian or Jewish "Other" 

» Concluding reports from faith-alike groups 


Audrey Doetzel, Eileen Schuller, Liam Tracey, and James Bernauer consider the remarks being made by John Pawlikowski.

We extend our sincere thanks to all these participants: 
Charles Arian, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies
James Bernauer, Boston College
Ben Birnbaum, Boston College
Debra Reed Blank, Jewish Theological Seminary, NY
Mary Boys, SNJM, Union Theological Seminary, NY
Rosann Catalano, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies
John Clabeaux, St. John’s Seminary College
Christopher Coyne, St. John's Seminary College
Philip A. Cunningham, Boston College
Donald Dietrich, Boston College
Audrey Doetzel, NDS, Christian Jewish Relation and Encounter
Eugene Fisher, National Conference of Catholic Bishops
Lawrence Frizzell, Seton Hall University
David Gordis, Hebrew College
Michael Greenwald, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY
Frank Henderson, Newman Theological & St. Stephen’s Colleges
Robin M. Jensen, Andover-Newton Theological School
Yoel Kahn, Graduate Theological Union - Berkeley
Thomas Kane, CSP, Weston Jesuit School of Theology
Phyllis Kapuscinski, NDS, Christian Jewish Relation & Encounter
Leon Klenicki, Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith
Ruth Langer, Boston College
Sara Lee, Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles
Daniel Lehmann, New Jewish High School, Waltham, MA
Christopher Leighton, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies
Philip J. Mayher, Congregational Church, Weston, MA
David Michael, Brandeis Univ. & Archdiocese of Boston
Bruce Morrill, S.J., Boston College
Padraic O'Hare, Merrimack College, North Andover, MA
George Papademetriou, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology
John Pawlikowski, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
Kathy Richman, Boston College
David Sandmel, Baltimore, MD
Eileen Schuller, OSU, McMaster University
Claudia Setzer, Manhattan College
Daniel Siemiatkowski, Boston College
John Stendahl, Lutheran Church of the Newtons
Naomi Towvim, New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue
Liam Tracey, St. Patrick's College, Maynooth, Ireland
Fayette Veverka, Villanova University
Serene Victor, New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue