Setting the Agenda for the Twenty-first Century:
The Next Stage of Jewish & Christian Dialogue


June 18 -19, 2000

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The Center's first invitational scholarly conference was held on June 18-19, 2000 at Boston College.  The participants discussed six aspects of the Jewish and Christian relationship, and projected their signifiance for the relationship in the century ahead. Click on the topics to the right for a summary of the discussions.  These summaries are not meant to be exhaustive transcripts of the conversations, but highlights of the key points and the general flow of each exchange.  We extend our sincere thanks to those who generously shared their insights and expertise through their participation: 
Judith Banki, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
James Bernauer, Boston College
Ben Birnbaum, Boston College
Rosann Catalano, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies
John Clabeaux, St. John’s Seminary College
Steven Copeland, Hebew College
Philip A. Cunningham, Boston College
Aryeh Davidson, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Audrey Doetzel, NDS, Christian Jewish Relation & Encounter, Sisters of Sion
David Efroymson, LaSalle University 
David Gordis, Hebrew College
Stephen Haynes, Rhodes College
S. Mark Heim, Andover-Newton Theological School
Robin M. Jensen, Andover-Newton Theological School
Michael Kogan, Montclair State University
Ruth Langer, Boston College
Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt University
Philip J. Mayher, Congregational Church, Weston, MA
David Michael, Brandeis Univ. & Archdiocese of Boston
Joseph Nolan, Boston College
David Novak, University of Toronto
David Sandmel, Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies
Claudia Setzer, Manhattan College
Ingrid Shafer, University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Daniel Siemiatkowski, Boston College
Michael Signer, University of Notre Dame
Celia Sirois, New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue
Krister Stendahl, Harvard and Brandeis Universities
Naomi Towvim, New Directions in Catholic-Jewish Dialogue
Fayette Veverka, Villanova University
Edith Wyschogrod, Rice University
Michael Wyschogrod, University of Houston