TM 824 Catholic Healthcare: History, Contexts, Values, and Principles (Spring: 3)

Prerequisite: One course in Bioethics.
Offered Periodically
Level 3 course
The Course examines the Catholic healthcare by highlighting, first, key historical elements and a few inspiring figures (among healthcare professionals and religious women) in the USA and in other countries. Second, a specific attention will be given to the ethical issues in social structures (e.g., hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, medical schools, and the family) and in critical locations (e.g., marked by poverty, war, and pandemics). Third, the ethical decision-making will be articulated by considering the various moral agents, the theological resources (i.e., values, virtues, principles, and the social justice tradition), cases, and concrete praxes.
Andrea Vicini, S.J.

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