TM 764 Ethical Themes in Augustine (Fall: 3)

Prerequisite: Masters courses in Systematics, Ethics and Early Church History.
Offered Periodically
This is a doctoral level seminar intended for advanced degree students (STL, STD, PhD) and presupposes previous preparation in early church history or patristic theology and in ethics or moral theology. Departmental permission required.
The seminar explores foundational theological and ethical themes in Augustine┐s works (e.g., love, sociality, sin and grace, moral agency, evil) and examines the way in which those themes function in selected texts and topics in Augustine┐s ethics (e.g., love of God and neighbor; poverty, riches, property; gender and sexual ethics; religious coercion and ┐just war┐; social and political life). Extensive readings in primary sources in translation and short weekly papers are the basis for focused class discussion. At least one longer seminar paper and a final research paper are required.
Francine Cardman

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