TM 763 Scripture and Christian Ethics (Fall: 3)

Prerequisite: One graduate course in Bible and one graduate course in ethics or moral theology.
This Level three course analyzes the presuppositions, limits, and possibilities for integration of Scripture in fundamental and applied Christian ethics, the principal hermeneutical and exegetical issues connected with the use of Scripture in Christian ethics (including feminist and liberationist ethics), the debate between the Faith¿Ethics (Ratzinger, Schürmann, von Balthasar, et al.) vs. the Moral Autonomy Schools (Demmer, Fuchs, McCormick, Sch¿ller, et al.) as well as an evaluation of the principal methodological contributions of Protestant and Catholic authors including Fowl & Jones, Furnish, Gustafson, Harrington & Keenan, Hays, Hauerwas, HR Niebuhr, Ogletree, Schneiders, Schrage, Schüssler-Fiorenza, Siker, Spohn, and Yoder.
James Bretzke, S.J.

Last Updated: 05-FEB-13