TM 529 Ministry and Theology of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Spring: 3)

Prerequisite: One graduate course in fundamental moral theology and one course in canon law (preferably canon law of marriage and sacraments)
Offered Periodically
This course is part of the M.Div. Rites Practicum, and is open to non-ordination students, including women, as long as they have the prerequisites and are aware that the primary focus is on preparation for the ministry of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
This Level Two course treats the Roman Catholic Sacrament of Reconciliation from its historical, theological, moral, pastoral, liturgical, and canonical perspectives. The course¿s emphasis will be on an ongoing practicum on confessional counseling, utilizing role playing of a variety of confessional cases&issues. The course will also include discussion of moral, liturgical, and systematic theology as it relates to the Sacrament. Additional attention will be paid to spiritual direction and pastoral counseling in the context of sacramental confession, as well as a number of pastoral, moral, and canonical issues which often surface in the celebration of the Rite of Reconciliation.
James T. Bretzke, S.J.

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