SW 805 Policy Issues in Family and Children's Services (Spring: 3)

Prerequisite: SW 701
Corequisite: SW 934 or SW 944 or permission
Required for Children, Youth, and Families Field-of-Practice Concentration; elective for others.
This course focuses on a critical examination of alternatives in formulating, implementing, and evaluating policies and programs in the area of family and children's services. Students will be informed about specific policies impacting children and families in the U.S., critically analyze how policies impact child and family well-being, and explore methods of advocating for effective policy development. Specific policy issues explored in the course include family legislation; welfare reform; balancing work and family; housing and homelessness; family and domestic violence; maternal, child, and family health; education; juvenile justice; cultural issues; immigration/refugees; and approaches in other nations.
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