SL 375 Jewish Writers in Russia and America (in translation) (Spring: 3)

Cross Listed with EN175
Satisfies Cultural Diversity Core Requirement
Offered Periodically
All readings and classes conducted in English
The experience of Jewish writers living in Russia and America from the 1880s until the present, examined through prose, poetry, drama, and memoirs written in English or translated into English from Russian, Yiddish, and Hebrew. The responses of Jewish writers to Zionism, the Russian Revolution, and the Holocaust with attention to anti-Semitism, emigration, limits of assimilation, and the future of Jews in Russia and America. The works of authors such as An-sky, Babel, Bagritskii, Bellow, Bialik, Erenburg, Malamud, Arthur Miller, Ozick, Philip Roth, Sholom Aleichem, and others.
Maxim D. Shrayer

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