EN 934.01 Phd Advanced Research Colloquium (Spring 2012-2013: 3)

This seminar for PhD students in their third or fourth years will be run as a series of workshops structured to provide practical advice about how best to facilitate the successful transition from graduate student life to a professional life in academia. Topics will include the Conference Paper, the Scholarly Article, the Dissertation, Teaching and the Academic Job Market. In addition to preparing the required readings and exercises, students will be asked to present a 15-20 minute conference paper to the class, and to respond to questions and comments after the paper. Throughout the semester, students will also work on revising an existing essay for publication. By the end of the course, then, each student should have submitted two works for professional critique: a conference paper proposal and an article. Working toward these submissions will allow students to implement in a practical, focused way some of the professionalizing suggestions garnered from our readings and in-class discussions. Part of the function of this class is to provide a supportive environment in which it is possible to take professional risks, discuss strategies for addressing the inevitable stresses of moving toward the job market, and to counter the sometimes isolating trends of advanced graduate work. As a group, we will attempt to respond to these challenges with a sense of perspective, the possibility of community and, hopefully, a bit of humor.
Laura Tanner

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