EN 654.01 Junior Honors Seminar:History, Memory, Culture (Spring 2012-2013: 3)

This class is one of the "Advanced Topics" seminars offered by the English department. The difference is that registration priority will be given to Juniors, particularly those considering either writing an Honors thesis for the English major and/or going on to graduate school. We will deal primarily with nineteenth and twentieth century American fiction, memoir, and even experimental nonfiction, exploring how writers reconstruct both historical and personal experience, and examining what theorists and critics have had to say about the psychological and narrative dimensions of memory in American literature. We will examine the variety of literary forms writers and theorists have used to narrate the past: for example, Willa Cather's My Antonia (a novel made to look like a memoir) and/or Ernest Hemingway's war fiction; Fae Mae Ng's bone (a book narrated in reverse time); war memoirs by Stephen Crane and Dexter Filkins; Walter Benjamin's or Tillie Olsen's or John Edgar Wideman's blending of ethnic autobiography and experimental fiction. Along with requiring oral presentations and a long research paper, this seminar will also help students (who so desire it) to craft their Honors thesis proposal. Permission of the instructor required. Students wishing to enroll should contact him at christopher.wilson@bc.edu.
Christopher Wilson

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