BI 536 Viruses, Genes, & Evolution (Spring: 3)

Prerequisite: BI204, a genetics course (BI315, BI319 or BI417) and a course in molecular or cell biology (such as BI304, BI440 or BI414) or instructor permission.
Satisfies the advanced experience requirement for the Biology major.
By definition, viruses are absolutely dependent on host infection for their existence. As a consequence, most viruses are exquisitely well-adapted to their respective hosts. Hosts, in turn, have evolved numerous countermeasures to prevent viral infection. This course will focus on the molecular interplay between viruses and their hosts, and how this genetic arms-race plays out over vastly different timescales (within an infected individual, within and between host populations, and ultimately, across millions of years of virus-host co-evolution).
Welkin Johnson

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