BI 508 Algorithms in Computational Biology (Spring: 3)

Prerequisite: MT 100 and 101, Programming proficiency in some language (C/C++, java, python, perl or other imperative language). BI420 is recommended
A good understanding of important algorithms in the field of computational molecular biology is vital to bioinformatics researchers, especially those who intend to work at the cutting edge of research. In this course, we will cover basic computational biology (genomics, structural biology, systems biology). Topics may include: pairwise, multiple and wraparound alignment (tandem repeats), genomic rearrangements, Monte Carlo, genetic algorithms, hidden Markov models, phyogenetic trees, RNA and protein secondary structure, machine learning (neural networks, support vector machines), gene finders, clustering, microarray data, transcription factor binding site detection, etc.
Peter Clote

Last Updated: 01-FEB-12