Education Policy Committee

New 2001 Summer Course: Theory / Pedagogy in the Language Arts Classroom

The following motion was recommended to the dean on March 26, 2001 by the full EPC, and formally approved by the dean on March 26, 2001.

The Educational Policy Committee voted unanimously in favor of the new 2001 Summer Course: Theory and pedagogy in the English Language arts Classroom.

Rationale: The development of this course is based on the following rationale.

  1. A primary NCATE criticism of the English Secondary Methods Program is the lack of collaboration between Arts and Sciences and Teacher Education in the instructing of English language Arts.
  2. There is no documented support (class syllabi) that effective pedagogy was being modeled in the A&S classroom.
  3. There is an absence of offerings for graduate students that addresses the curriculum content most often implemented in schools or that reflects the current curriculum frameworks.
  4. There is no specific course that helped students apply literary theory to actual teaching.
  5. Advisement for M.Ed. and MAT students reveals that there are few graduate level courses in English available to our students during both the regular and summer semesters.

This course will be cross-listed in both English and LSOE. It will be piloted during the first summer session.

This Course:

  1. is an important step toward collaboration between A&S and LSOE faculty.
  2. addresses the modeling of effective pedagogy as well as application of literary theory (also a major part of the Massachusetts Teacher Test)
  3. offers graduate students a useful course that satisfies the graduate requirement course in English for M.Ed. and MAT.
  4. offers a graduate course during a time of year when there are very limited offerings
  5. may help recruit English majors into education