Ph.D. Higher Education



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Course Number and Title Credits Semester T/W*
LEVEL I—Core courses    
ED 770 Higher Education in American Society 3    
ED 771 Organization and Administration of Higher Education 3    
ED 976 Symposium in Higher Education 3    
LEVEL II—Foundation courses (Select three) 9  
ED 705 Education Law and Public Policy
ED 706 Philosophy of Education
ED 778 Student Development Theory
ED 779 Comparative Higher Education
ED 803 History of Higher Education
LEVEL III—Research courses
ED 469 Statistics 3    
ED 829 Research Design 3    
ED 851 Design of Qualitative Research 3    
ED 973 Research Seminar 3    
ED 988 Dissertation Direction 3    
ED 988 Dissertation Direction 3    
LEVEL IV—Elective courses* (select six) 18  
ED 708 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
ED 772 Student Affairs Administration
ED 773 College Teaching and Learning
ED 774 Community College
ED 807 The Academic Profession
ED 808 Politics and Government in Higher Education
ED 854 Catholic Higher Education
ED 867 Diversity in Higher Education
ED 868 Religion and Higher Education
ED 873 Undergraduate Curriculum
ED 874 Organizational Decision Making, Higher Education
ED 876 Financial Management in Higher Education
ED 878 Seminar in Higher Education Law
ED 879 Gender Issues in Higher Education
Total credits 54    

* Elective courses, with the exception of ED 772 (offered annually), are offered on 2-3 year cycles. See advisor for other recommended electives.
** Enter T or W if course was waived or substituted with another course, attach "Transfer or Waiver Form."

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