Ph.D. Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation



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The Program of Study consists of 72 credit hours beyond the baccalaureate degree.

Course Number and Title Credits Semester Requisites/Comments
ED/PY 460 Interpretation and Evaluation of Research 3    
ED/PY 462 Assessment and Test Construction 3    
ED/PY 466 Models of Curriculum and Program Evaluation 3    
ED 467 Practical Aspects of Curriculum and Program Evaluation 3    
ED/PY 468 Introductory Statistics*      
ED/PY 469 Intermediate Statistics 3    
ED/PY 561 Seminar in Evaluation and Public Policy 3    
ED/PY 565 Quantitative Data Collection Procedures: Theory and Practice 3    
ED/PY 664 Design of Experiments 3    
ED/PY 667 General Linear Models 3    
ED/PY 668 Multivariate Statistical Analysis 3    
ED/PY 669 Psychometric Theory 3    
ED/PY 851 Design of Qualitative Research 3    
ED/PY 861 Construction of Attitude and Opinion Questionnaires 3    
ED/PY 862 Survey Methods in Educational and Social Research 3    
ED/PY 988 Dissertation Direction 3-6    
Electives**   21-24
ED/PY 560 Seminar on Issues of Testing and Assessment      
ED 601 Seminar in Statistical and Measurement Topics      
ED 724 Practicum in Educational Technology: Technology-Enhanced Assessment      
ED/PY 829 Design of Quantitative Research      
ED/PY 910 Readings and Research in ERME      
ED 960 Seminar in Educational Measurement and Research      
Total credits 72

* While required, this course does not count toward the Ph.D. degree.
** You may choose from the recommended elective courses offered by ERME. All elective courses must be approved by an advisor prior to registration. Elective credits total 21-24.

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