Ph.D. Educational Administration



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Course # Title Credits Semester T/W*
ED 450 Foundations of Educational Administration 3    
ED 451 Human Resource Administration 3    
ED 618 Facilities and Financial Management 3    
ED 619 Ethics and Equity in Education 3    
ED 705 Education Law and Public Policy 3    
ED 720 Curriculum Leadership 3    
ED 953 Instructional Supervision 3    
ED 956 Seminar in Elementary and Secondary Education Law and School Reform 3    
Electives 12  
ED 617 The Principalship      
ED 622.01 Practicum in School Principalship      
ED 623.01 Practicum in Superintendency      
ED 625 Managing Emerging Technologies      
ED 626 Seminar in Educational Administration      
ED 652.01 Practicum in Special Education Administration      
ED 655 School-based Research Projects      
ED 656 Administration of Local School Systems      
ED 755 Theories of Leadership      
ED 801 Seminar in Educational Administration      
ED 852 Administrative Communications      
ED 859 Readings and Research in Educational Administration      
Research Sequence    
ED/PY 468 Introduction to Statistics (unless waived) 3    
ED/PY 469 Intermediate Statistics 3    
ED/PY 829 Design of Quantitative Research 3    
ED 851 Qualitative Research Methods 3    
ED 951 Dissertation Seminar 3    
ED 988 Dissertation Direction 3    
Total credits 54    

* Enter T or W if course was waived or substituted with another course, attach "Transfer or Waiver Form."

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