Education Policy Committee

Joint Degree Program: MEd in Ed. Administration and MA Pastoral Ministry

The following motion was recommended to the dean on March 26, 2001 by the full EPC, and formally approved by the dean on March 26, 2001.

The Educational policy Committee voted unanimously in favor of the proposed M.Ed. in Educational Administration and MA Pastoral Ministry.

This proposal, closely based on the existing joint degree program MA in Counseling Psychology and MA in pastoral Ministry, has been discussed by the Educational Administration faculty, the Department Chair and the Dean.

The rationales for the proposed curriculum changes are:

  1. an increasing number of laity in Catholic school administration, the vast majority of whom have no pastoral or theological education
  2. a desire for closer collaboration between Catholic educators in Catholic Schools and Catholic educators in parishes and in other settings (a specialty of IREPM)
  3. the success of the existing LSOE/IREPM joint degree
  4. enhanced impact of combining strong faculty in LSOE and IREPM
  5. enhancement of number and quality of program applicants
  6. very strong fit with the goals set forth by the UPAC and the Lynch School