M.Ed. or C.A.E.S. Deaf-Blindness and Multiple Disabilities




Program Completion Date

Comprehensive Exams Date

Course # Title Credits Semester   T/W*
PY 418 Applied Development Psychology: Emphasis on Child 3     
ED 438 Instruction of Students with Special Needs and of Diverse Learners 3     
ED 435 Social Contexts of Education 3     
ED 436 Curriculum Theories and Practice 3     
ED 374 Behavior Management 3     
ED 384 Teaching Strategies for Students with Multiple Disabilities 3     
ED 389 Assessment of Students with Low-Incidence and Multiple Disabilities 3     
ED 380 Implications of Vision Pathologies 3     
ED 492 Seminar in Deafblindness 3      
ED 386 Introduction to Sign Language and Deafness 3      
ED 493 Language Acquisition Model 1    
ED 398 Working with Families and Social Service Agencies 3      
ED 583 Orientation and Mobility 3      
ED 686 Augmentative Communication 3      
ED 431 Inquiry Seminar 1     
ED 429 Pre-Practicum Experience 1     
ED 432 Inquiry Seminar 2     
ED 420 Practicum 6     
ED 888 Master's Comprehensive Examinations 0     
Total credits 50 

* Insert a T (transfer) or W (waiver) as appropriate. If seeking a transfer of credits, you must also fill out a "transfer request form" available in Campion 104. If requesting a waiver, you must attach an official transcript to this form. Students are strongly discouraged from applying for waivers for the pre-practicum experience. Waivers will only be granted to students with extensive teaching experience in the appropriate discipline and at the level of licensure that is sought.

Student's signature   Date  
Advisor Yes No   Date  
Department Chair Yes No   Date  


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