Education Policy Committee
New Course ED/PY515

At the EPC meeting on November 14, 2005 the following motion was approved by unanimous vote:

It is moved that ED/PY515: Interprofessional Collaboration: School and Community Services be adopted as an upper level undergraduate and graduate elective. This 3-credit course is co-listed in Nursing (NU484) and Social Work(SW801). The course will be paid for by the Center for Child, Family, and Community Partnerships. As a new course, it will be evaluated by the EPC after it has been offered three times within the Lynch School Curriculum.

ED/PY 515: Interprofessional Collaboration: School and Community Services
Cross Listed with NU 484 and SW801
This course will prepare professionals from different disciplines to collaborate in a transdisciplinary fashion for effective services to children-at-risk. Transdisciplinary (or interprofessional) work involves joint planning and delivery of services and at times blending roles as appropriate in the best interests of the identified client with special needs. This elective will define the need for, barriers to, and strategies of successful transdisciplinary collaboration among clinical, educational, and nursing practitioners. Parent perspectives and cultural differences as related to providing or accepting services will be examined.
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