Boston College Law Library Faculty Newsletter Spring 2013



Inside this issue:

  • ProQuest History Vault

  • Francis Bacon: Of Law, Science, & Philosophy

  • International Law Reports

  • Research Support for Writing Requirement Courses

  • MCLE OnlinePass

  • Docket Research Sources

  • Submitting to Law Reviews

  • New International Databases on HeinOnline

  • Newspapers: Electronic access and PDF files

Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome back to the start of another exciting Academic Year here at BC Law. There is always a sense of excitement and renewal at the start of the new semester. This newsletter highlights some novel services to support your teaching and scholarship such as the MCLE OnePass and ProQuest History Vault. Please pay special attention to the articles on new international acquisitions, newspaper research, and The Rare Book Room exhibit.

Please contact the law library with any questions that you may have about our services. We are always happy to hear from you and we look forward to working with you this fall.

Cheers to the success of the 2013-2014 academic year!


Filippa Marullo Anzalone
Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Library & Technology Services


Filippa Marullo Anzalone

Professor and Associate Dean for Information and Technology Services,
Law School

ProQuest History Vault

Unlock the wealth of key archival materials with a single search! With the new addition of ProQuest History Vault to our digital collection, you are invited to explore the archival materials documenting the most important topics and events in 18th- through 20th-century American history. You may access the three History Vault modules from the Law Library's Database List - each collection is linked under its title, e.g. "Immigration: Records of the INS."

  • Immigration: Records of the INS, 1880-1930
  • It covers the investigations made by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) during the immigration wave of 1880-1930, including immigration to the U.S. by Asians, Mexicans and Europeans, as well as extensive files on the INS's regulation of prostitution and white slavery and on suppression of radical aliens.

  • NAACP Papers -- The NAACP's Major Campaigns: Legal Department Files
  • It contains the working case files of the NAACP's general counsel and his Legal Department staff for the period from 1956-1972. This collection documents the NAACP's campaign to bring about desegregation throughout the United States, particularly in the South. Included are complaints, briefs, transcripts, depositions, correspondence, reference materials, and exhibits pertaining to the civil rights movement and the segregationist opposition.

  • Slavery and the Law
  • A collection of American historical documents including virtually all extant petitions to State Legislatures on race, slavery and free Blacks as well as petitions filed in southern county courts gathered from local county courthouses. Also included are state slavery statutes, a master record of the laws that governed American slavery from 1789-1865.

The fourth module, Law and Society Since the Civil War, which contains manuscripts by 11 American legal scholars from the Harvard Law School Library, will roll out in late Fall 2013. Stay tuned!

Francis Bacon rare book room catalog imageNew Exhibit in the Daniel R. Coquillette Rare Book Room - Francis Bacon: Of Law, Science, & Philosophy

This exhibit celebrates and shares a spectacular gift of books by and about English lawyer, scientist, and philosopher Francis Bacon from our own Daniel R. Coquillette, J. Donald Monan Professor of Law.

The exhibit aims to illustrate the depth and breadth of Francis Bacon's intellect, as the works displayed cover topics as diverse as a mortality, treason, terrorism, and gardens. Bacon once stated in a letter to his uncle, "I have taken all knowledge to be my province." (Works, 8.109) This indeed was the case.

Please come in to view a sampling of the beautiful books that represent a mere part of Professor Coquillette's gift to our law school. In addition to being a great friend and benefactor to our Rare Book Room, Professor Coquillette teaches and writes in the areas of legal history and professional responsibility. He has written extensively on the subject of this exhibit, including Francis Bacon (Stanford/Edinburgh, 1992) and "Past the Pillars of Hercules: Francis Bacon and the Science of Rulemaking," University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 46.2 (2012): 549-592.

You are invited to view the exhibit anytime the room is open - generally weekdays from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. The exhibit will remain on view through the Fall 2013 semester.


International Law Reports now available on Justis

Since the early 1950's International Law Reports has provided the full text of decisions involving the interpretation and application of international law by both national and international courts and tribunals. This very important international law resource is now available for searching and viewing electronically through the Justis database. Justis now provides access to the full set of International Law Reports, along with its well developed databases of English case law. Justis may be accessed through the Boston College Law Library Databases page on the Boston College Law Library website.

Research Support Offered for Writing Requirement Courses

In addition to supporting faculty research projects, the BC law librarians assist students with selecting their writing paper topics and conducting their research. Law librarians are available to meet with students enrolled in writing requirement courses. You can alert students to this service by placing a link on your Blackboard or TWEN course website to the appropriate law librarian. In addition, the law librarians can schedule group sessions during the common lunch hour to aid your students in beginning their writing requirement submission. If you are interested in these services, please contact your law librarian liaison or e-mail

MCLE OnlinePass Logo

MCLE OnlinePass

The BC Law Library has added a subscription to the new MCLE OnlinePass product for access to all MCLE handbooks, recorded training programs, and over 400 e-books. This is a wonderful resource for faculty and students. Our subscription allows users to search and download selected chapters from MCLE practice guides. In addition, training programs and the accompanying program materials are accessible for viewing and downloading. The training program formats vary with some programs available in audio format only while other programs offer the video feed from the program. This program material can be assigned to students as a means to learn trial practice or to master the IPO On-Ramp provisions of the JOBS Act. Questions? Contact your law library liaison or e-mail

Docket Research Sources

Researching docket records has become more common as faculty and law review members track developments in pending cases. The BC Law faculty and current students can research federal docket records free of charge using BloombergLaw. The BLAW system provides access to dockets from the federal courts' PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) system. Unlike PACER, BLAW allows users to enter a docket tracking request so that the user receives an e-mail alert of any changes in the docket sheet. In addition, BLAW offers selected coverage of some state court filings. Need a BloombergLaw password? Register by clicking the "new user" link on BloombergLaw; use your BC e-mail address when registering. Contact the legal information librarians with any questions by e-mailing

Submitting to Law Reviews: ExpressO and Scholastica

Faculty members wishing to submit their work to law reviews now have a new option in Scholastica. Like old standby ExpressO, newcomer Scholastica allows authors to submit a manuscript to multiple journals in one step. There are over 40 law reviews that accept submissions through Scholastica. While this is significantly fewer than ExpressO, which is accepted by over 700 law reviews, a number of journals, including the Boston College Law Review, now accept submissions exclusively through Scholastica.

Boston College Law School provides faculty members with free access to both Scholastica and ExpressO. For both services, creating an account with your email address will automatically connect you to the Law School's account. Both services now offer tools for recording accepted manuscripts and requesting expedited review, allowing authors to efficiently manage their communications with journal editors.

To access ExpressO or Scholastica, follow the links below. If you have any questions or run into any issues with either service, please contact Nick Szydlowski at or 2-4474.



New International Databases on HeinOnline

HeinOnline has added two important resources for the study of international and comparative law. Publications of the Hague Academy of International Law are now available for searching and viewing. This collection includes the complete archive of collected courses dating back to their inception in 1923, twelve periodic indexes, plus the official publications from the Workshops organized by the Academy. The Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law collection includes more than 50 publications from the prestigious Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law at Columbia Law School. This database allows you to view publications such as the 22-volume set, A Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law. Book and Articles in English by Charles Szladits, along with An Introduction to the Legal System of the United States by E. Allan Farnsworth, as well as introductions to legal systems from around the world. These databases, along with the other HeinOnline databases, may be accessed directly by using the HeinOnline Quick Link on the front page or through the Boston College Law Library Databases page on the Boston College Law Library website.

Newspapers: Electronic access and PDF files

Both faculty members and students often need to retrieve scanned images of newspaper articles. The Law Library's new guide, Retrieving Newspaper Articles, offers links to databases and help with tracking citations.