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New Books List February 2013

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Arts & Literature Family Law Juveniles Science & Technology
Banking & Finance Food & Drug Law Law Enforcement & Corrections Securities Law
Bankruptcy Foreign Law Legal Analysis & Writing Sexuality & the Law
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Commercial Law Human Rights Legal Research & Bibliography Terrorism
Constitutional Law Indian and Aboriginal Law Medical Law Torts
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Müller, Wolfgang P. The criminalization of abortion in the West: its origins in medieval law. KJC8377 .M85 2012

Air & Space Law

Abeyratne, Ruwantissa. Aeronomics and Law: fixing anomalies. K4095 A54 2012

Arts & Literature

DVD: Atonement. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: Mr. Smith goes to Washington. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: A passage to India. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

Vidal, Gore. The city and the pillar: a novel. Popular Reading Collection PS3543 .I26 C5 2003

Banking & Finance

Avgouleas, Emilios. Governance of global financial markets: the law, the economics, the politics. K4450.5 .A94 2012


Conti-Brown, Peter and David A. Skeel Jr., editors. When states go broke: the origins, context, and solutions for the American states in fiscal crisis. KF1535 .S73 W48 2012

Civil Rights and Discrimination

Waldron, Jeremy. The harm in hate speech. KF9345 .W34 2012

Commercial Law

Goode, Roy, Herbert Kronke, Ewan McKendrick, and Jeffrey Wool. Transnational commercial law: international instruments and commentary. 2nd edition. K1003 .T726 2012

Head, John W. Global business law: principles and practice of international commerce and investment. 3rd edition. K1030 .H43 2012

Constitutional Law

Garry, Patrick M. Limited government and the Bill of Rights. KF4749 .G37 2012

Gordillo, Luis I. Interlocking constitutions: towards an interordinal theory of national, European and UN law. KJC5057 .G67 2012

Morris, Caroline. Parliamentary elections, representation and the law. KD4329 .M67 2012


Black, Oliver. Agreements: a philosophical and legal study. KD1554 .B573 2012


Borg-Barthet, Justin. The governing law of companies in EU law. KJE2460 .B67 2012

Nicholls, Christopher C. Mergers, acquisitions, and other changes of corporate control. 2nd edition. KE1462 .N53 2012

Vermeylen, Jérôme and Ivo Vande Velde, editors. European cross-border mergers and reorganizations. KJC2628 .E93 2012

Criminal Law & Procedure

Green, Stuart P. Thirteen ways to steal a bicycle: theft law in the information age. K5217 .G74 2012

Loughnan, Arlie. Manifest madness: mental incapacity in criminal law. K5077 .L68 2012

McCarthy, Conor. Reparations and victim support in the International Criminal Court. KZ7464 .M38 2012

Mendelson, Dana E., editor. Cybercrime: federal criminal laws and digital evidence field guide. KF9350 .C928 2012

Ramsay, Peter. The insecurity state: vulnerable autonomy and the right to security in the criminal law. KD8035 .R36 2012

Rauxloh, Regina. Plea bargaining in national and international law. K5458 .R38 2012

Steinke, Ronen. The politics of international criminal justice: German perspectives from Nuremberg to the Hague. KZ7050 .S74 2012

Weismann, Miriam F. Corporate crime & financial fraud: legal and financial implications of corporate misconduct. KF9351 .W45 2012

Williams, Sarah. Hybrid and internationalised criminal tribunals: selected jurisdictional issues. KZ7240 .W55 2012


Driesen, David M. The economic dynamics of law. K487 .E3 D75 2012

Geradin, Damien, Anne Layne-Farrar, and Nicolas Petit. EU competition law and economics. KJE6456 .G474 2012

Environmental Law

DVD: A fierce green fire: the battle for a living planet. Permanent Reserve/AV GE197 .F54 2012

Farrall, Stephen, Tawhida Ahmed, and Duncan French. Criminological and legal consequences of climate change. K3585 .A6 C75 2012

Brunnée, Jutta, Meinhard Doelle, and Lavanya Rajamani, editors. Promoting compliance in an evolving climate regime. K3585.5 .P76 2012

Head, John W. Global legal regimes to protect the world's grasslands. K3520 .H43 2012

Livermore, Michael A. and Richard L. Revesz, editors. The globalization of cost-benefit analysis in environmental policy. HD47.4 .C678 2013


Blanchette, Jean-François. Burdens of proof: cryptographic culture and evidence law in the age of electronic documents. K2269.5 .B58 2012

Family Law

Lewis, Browne C. Papa's baby: paternity and artificial insemination. KF542 .L49 2012

Tolle, Lauren Woodward and William T. O'Donohue. Improving the quality of child custody evaluations: a systematic model. KF547 .T65 2012

Food & Drug Law

Szajkowska, Anna. Regulating food law: risk analysis and the precautionary principle as general principles of EU food law. KJE6778 .S93 2012

Foreign Law

Bruun, Niklas, Klaus Lörcher, and Isabelle Schömann, editors. The Lisbon Treaty and social Europe. KJE3275 .L57 2012

Khanbaghi, Aptin, editor. Interpretations of law and ethics in Muslim contexts. KBP144 .I58 2012

Trybus, Martin and Luca Rubini, editors. The Treaty of Lisbon and the future of European law and policy. KJE947 .T735 2012

Health Law

Gantt, W. Andrew H., editor. E-health, privacy, and security law. 2nd edition. KF3827 .R4 E34 2011

Westra, Laura, Colin L. Soskolne, and Donald W. Spady, editors. Human health and ecological integrity: ethics, law and human rights. K3570 .H86 2012

Human Rights

Hennebel, Ludovic and Hélène Tigroudja, editors. Balancing liberty and security: the human rights pendulum. JC571 .B35 2011

Lessa, Francesca and Leigh A. Payne, editors. Amnesty in the age of human rights accountability: comparative and international perspectives. K5132 .A47 2012

Indian and Aboriginal Law

Cosens, Barbara and Judith V. Royster, editors. The future of Indian and federal reserved water rights: the Winters Centennial. KF8210 .N37 W56 2008

Krakoff, Sarah and Ezra Rosser, editors. Tribes, land, and the environment. KF5660 .T75 2012

Skyring, Fiona. Justice: a history of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia. KUH210.7 .M56 S59 2011

Intellectual Property

DVD: Copyright criminals. K1450 .C67 2010

Baluch, Andrew S., Courtenay C. Brinckerhoff, Paul S. Hunter, Antoinette F. Konski, Debra D. Nye, Laren L. Stevens, and Lorna L. Tanner. America Invents Act: law & analysis. KF3101.62011 .A2 2013

Feldman, Robin. Rethinking patent law. KF3114 .F38 2012

Guertin, Carolyn. Digital prohibition: piracy and authorship in new media art. KF3080 .G84 2012

Karapapa, Stavroula. Private copying. KJE2655 .K37 2012

McEwen, James G., David S. Bloch, Richard M. Gray, and John T. Lucas, editors. Intellectual property in government contracts: protecting and enforcing IP at the state and federal level. KF2979 .M345 2012

Seiter, Bill and Ellen Seiter. The creative artist's legal guide: copyright, trademark, and contracts in film and digital media production. KF2979 .S45 2012

Snyder, Darin W. and David S. Almeling. Keeping secrets: a practical introduction to trade secret law and strategy. KF3197 .S64 2012

Sunder, Madhavi. From goods to a good life: intellectual property and global justice. K1401 .S86 2012

Taubman, Antony, Hannu Wager, and Jayashree Watal, editors. A handbook on the WTO TRIPS agreement. K1401 .H365 2012

International Law

Cheng, Tai-Heng. When international law works: realistic idealism after 9/11 and the global recession. KZ3410 .C47 2012

Garnett, Richard. Substance and procedure in private international law. KD680 .G37 2012

Lewis, Corinne. UNHCR and international refugee law: from treaties to innovation. K3230 .R45 L49 2012

Redmond, Trevor. People, states and hope: cosmopolitanism and the future of international law. KZ3410 .R439 2012

Zürn, Michael, André Nollkaemper, and Randall Peerenboom, editors. Rule of law dynamics: in an era of international and transnational governance. K3171 .R84838 2012

International Trade

Cheng, Jiarui, editor. Basic documents on international trade law. 4th revised edition. K1003 .B37 2012

Hamilton, Jonathan C., Omar E. Garcia-Bolivar, and Hernando Otero, editors. Latin American investment protections: comparative perspectives on laws, treaties, and disputes for investors, states and counsel. KG744 H36 2012

Krikorian, Jacqueline. International trade law and domestic policy: Canada, the United States, and the WTO. K4610 .K75 2012


Block, Frederic. Disrobed: an inside look at the life and work of a federal trial judge. KF8775 .B58 2012

Gutgold, Nichola D. The rhetoric of Supreme Court women: from obstacles to options. KF8775 .G88 2012

Holzer, Henry Mark. The Supreme Court opinions of Clarence Thomas, 1991-2011. 2nd edition. KF8745 .T48 H655 2012

Schultz, Ulrike and Gisela Shaw, editors. Women in the judiciary. K2146 .W66 2012

Songer, Donald R., Susan W. Johnson, C.L. Ostberg, and Matthew E. Wetstein, editors. Law, ideology, and collegiality: judicial behaviour in the Supreme Court of Canada. KE8244 .L39 2012


Buchanan, Ruth Margaret, Stewart Motha, and Sundhya Pahuja, editors. Reading modern law: critical methodologies and sovereign formations. K212 .R431 2012

Campos, Andre Santos. Spinoza's revolutions in natural law. K457 .S63 C36 2012

Goldoni, Marco and Christopher McCorkindale, editors. Hannah Arendt and the law. K235 .H3584 2012

Tamanaha, Brian Z., Caroline Sage, and Michael Woolcock, editors. Legal pluralism and development: scholars and practitioners in dialogue. K236 .L44 2012

Tiersma, Peter Meijes and Lawrence M. Solan, editors. The Oxford handbook of language and law. K213 .O94 2012


Karnein, Anja J. A theory of unborn life: from abortion to genetic manipulation. K642 .K37 2012

Law Enforcement & Corrections

Murphy, Jeffrie G. Punishment and the moral emotions: essays in law, morality, and religion. K5103 .M85 2012

Ogletree, Charles J. and Austin Sarat, editors. Life without parole: America's new death penalty? KF9750 .L54 2012

Legal Analysis & Writing

Kracker, Jayne. ABA basic guide to punctuation, grammar, workplace productivity, and time management. KF250 .K73 2012

Martineau, Robert J. Plain English for drafting statutes and rules. KF250 .M3715 2012

Wan, Marco, editor. Reading the legal case: cross currents between law and the humanities. K100 .R43 2012

Legal History

Fernandez, Angela and Markus D. Dubber, editors. Law books in action: essays on the Anglo-American legal treatise. KD392 .L39 2012

Legal Research & Bibliography

Am Zehnhoff, H.-W., H. Timmermans, E. Schmatz, and Y. Salmon. Le Docte: viertalig juridisch woordenboek = Legal dictionary in four languages. Refernce Area K54 .L4 2011

Medical Law

Tereskerz, Patricia M. Clinical research and the law. KF3827 .M38 T47 2012

Military, War, and Peace

Cogen, Marc. Democracies and the shock of war: the law as a battlefield. KZ6355 .C64 2012

Perrin, Benjamin, editor. Modern warfare: armed groups, private militaries, humanitarian organizations, and the law. KZ6471 .M63 2012

Practice & Procedure

Neumann, Richard K. Transactional lawyering skills: client interviewing, counseling, and negotiation. KF300 .N48 2013

Pace, Nicholas M. and Laura Zakaras. Where the money goes: understanding litigant expenditures for producing electronic discovery. K2247 .P33 2012


Dow, Elizabeth H. Archivists, collectors, dealers, and replevin: case studies on private ownership of public documents. KF5752 .D69 2012

Smit, Anneke. The property rights of refugees and internally displaced persons: beyond restitution. KZ6530 .S65 2012

Psychology & Psychiatry

Tan, Chade-Meng. Search inside yourself: the unexpected path to achieving success, happiness (and world peace). BF576 .T36 2012


Meyerson, Michael. Endowed by our creator: the birth of religious freedom in America. KF4783 .M49 2012

Science & Technology

Fleming, James E. and Sanford Levinson, editors. Evolution and morality. JA80 .E85 2012

McHale, Robert with Eric Garulay. Navigating social media legal risks: safeguarding your business. KF390.5 .C6 M42 2012

Securities Law

Bewaji, Wunmi. Insider trading in developing jurisdictions: achieving an effective regulatory regime. K1115 .I57 B49 2012

Sexuality & the Law

Nicolas, Peter and Mike Strong. The geography of love: same-sex marriage & relationship recognition in America (The story in maps). KF539 .N53 2013


Lang, Michael, Pasquale Pistone, Josef Schuch, and Claus Staringer, editors. The impact of the OECD and UN model conventions on bilateral tax treaties. K4475 .I48 2012


Masferrer, Aniceto, editor. Post 9/11 and the state of permanent legal emergency: security and human rights in countering terrorism. KZ6795 .T47 P67 2012


Feinberg, Kenneth R. Who gets what: fair compensation after tragedy and financial upheaval. KF1250 .F45 2012

Nygren, Carolyn and Howard E. Katz. Starting off right in torts. 2nd edition. KF1250 .N94 2012

Trade Regulation

Lianos, Ioannis and D. Daniel Sokol, editors. The global limits of competition law. K3850 .G59 2012


Myrsiades, Linda S. Law and medicine in revolutionary America: dissecting the Rush v. Cobbett trial, 1799. KF228 .R85 M97 2012


Hae, Laam. The gentrification of nightlife and the right to the city: regulating spaces of social dancing in New York. KFX2024 .H34 2012