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New Books List January 2013

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Arts & Literature

DVD: I've loved you so long. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: The king's speech. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: The perfect storm. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: Pride and prejudice. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

DVD: State's attorney. Reference Area Feature Film Collection

Carter, Stephen L. The impeachment of Abraham Lincoln. PS3603 .A78 I47 2012

Dobrin, Arthur. The lost art of happiness. BJ1475 .D64 2011

Malaro, Marie C. and Ildiko Pogány DeAngelis. A legal primer on managing museum collections. KF4305 .M35 2012

Banking & Finance

Alexander, Kern and Niamh Moloney, editors. Law reform and financial markets. K1066 .L39 2011

Brummer, Chris. Soft law and the global financial system: rule making in the 21st century. K4444 .B78 2012


Lane, Mark. Citizen Lane: defending our rights in the courts, the capitol, and the streets. KF373 .L35 A3 2012

Rice, Connie. Power concedes nothing: one woman's quest for social justice in America from the courtrooms to the kill zones. KF373 .R483 R53 2012

Sotomayor, Sonia. My beloved world. KF8745 .S67 A3 2013

Civil Rights and Discrimination

Lee, Orlan. Waiving our rights: the personal data collection complex and its threat to privacy and civil liberties. KF1263 .C65 .L438 2012

Simon, Thomas W. Ethnic identity and minority protection: designation, discrimination, and brutalization. K3242 .S575 2012

Commercial Law

Hamilton, Robert W. and Richard A. Booth. Attorney's guide to business and finance fundamentals. 2nd edition. KF889 .H25 2007

Communications Law

May, Randolph J., editor. Communications law and policy in the digital age: the next five years. KF2765 .M39 2012

Constitutional Law

Barak, Aharon. Proportionality: constitutional rights and their limitations. K3165 .B37413 2012

Cox, Noel. Constitutional paradigms and the stability of states. K3165 .C695 2012

Maloy, Richard H. W. A lexicon of three U.S. constitutional provisions. KF4548.5 .M34 2012

Tushnet, Mark V., Thomas Fleiner and Cheryl Saunders, editors. Routledge handbook of constitutional law. K3165 .R68 2013


Conway, Danielle M. State and local government procurement. KF849 .C6663 2012


Paschalidis, Paschalis. Freedom of establishment and private international law for corporations. KJE5174 .P368 2012

Shi, Chenxia. Political determinants of corporate governance in China. KNQ1056 .S54 2012


Bartle, Harvey. Mortals with tremendous responsibilities: a history of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. KF8755 .P4 B47 2011

Greenhouse, Linda. The U.S. Supreme Court: a very short introduction. KF8742 .G744 2012

Irons, Peter H. The steps to the Supreme Court: a guided tour of the American legal system. KF8742 .I764 2012

Sheppard, Jennifer L. In chambers: a guide for judicial clerks and externs. KF8807 .S527 2012

Waldron, Jeremy. "Partly laws common to all mankind": foreign law in American courts. KF358 .W35 2012

Criminal Law & Procedure

Blakeslee, Melise R. Internet crimes, torts, and scams: investigation and remedies. 2nd edition. K564 .C6 B57 2012

Hallevỵ, Gabriel. The matrix of derivative criminal liability. K5064 .H35 2012

Lafontaine, Fannie. Prosecuting genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in Canadian courts. KZ7145 .L346 2012

Safferling, Christoph. International criminal procedure. KZ7360 .S238 2012

Death Penalty

Madeira, Jody Lyneé. Killing McVeigh: the death penalty and the myth of closure. KF224 .M37 M33 2012

Dispute Resolution

Elkouri, Frank and Edna Asper Elkouri. How arbitration works. 7th edition. KF3424 .E53 2012

Moses, Margaret L. The principles and practice of international commercial arbitration. 2nd edition. K2400 .M65 2012

Steingruber, Andrea Marco. Consent in international arbitration. K2400 .S74 2012


Bunn, Isabella. The right to development and international economic law: legal and moral dimensions. K3820 .B86 2012

Cooter, Robert and Hans-Bernd Schafer. Solomon's knot: how law can end the poverty of nations. K487 .E3 C6666 2012

Schutter, Olivier de, Johan F. Swinnen and Jan Wouters, editors. Foreign direct investment and human development: the law and economics of international investment agreements. K3830 .F67 2013

Education Law

Atlas, Joel, Lara Gelbwasser Freed, John Mollenkamp, Ursula H. Weigold, anf Michelle A. Fongyee Whelan. A guide to teaching lawyering skills. KF277 .L45 G85 2012

Energy and Utilities Law

Roggenkamp, Martha M., Lila Barrera-Hernandez, Donald N. Zillman, and Inigo Del Guayo, editors. Energy networks and the law: innovative solutions in changing markets. K3982 .E534 2012

Environmental Law

Martin, Paul, Li Zhiping, Qin Tianbao, Anel du Plessis, and Yves Le Bouthillier, editors. Environmental governance and sustainability. K3585 .E5775 2012

Weston, Burns H. and David Bollier. Green governance: ecological survival, human rights, and the law of the commons. K3585 .W476


Lyle, D. P. Forensic science. KF8961 .L95 2012

Mason, Stephen, editor. Electronic evidence. 3rd edition. K2269 .E44 2012

Family Law

Ball, Carlos A. The right to be parents: LGBT families and the transformation of parenthood. KF540 .B35 2012

Levi, Jennifer L. and Elizabeth E. Monnin-Browder, editors. Transgender family law: a guide to effective advocacy. HQ77.9 .T73 2012

McClain, Linda C. and Daniel Cere, editors. What is parenthood? Contemporary debates about the family. KF540 .M33 2013

Scherpe, Jens M., editor. Marital agreements and private autonomy in comparative perspective. K692 .C76 M37 2012

Verbeke, Alain, Jens M. Scherpe, Charolette Declerck, Tobias Helms, and Patrick Senaeve, editors. Confronting the frontiers of family and succession law: liber amicorum Walter Pintens. K670 .C66 2012

Foreign Law

Ahmed, Rumee. Narratives of Islamic legal theory. KBP440.3 .A435 2012

Dawson, Mark. New governance and the transformation of European law: coordinating EU social law and policy. KJE947 .D39 2011

Kadri, Sadakat. Heaven on earth: a journey through shari'a law from the deserts of ancient Arabia to the streets of the modern Muslim world. KBP50 .K33 2012

Tomášek, Michal and Guido Mühlemann, editors. Interpretation of law in China: roots and perspectives. KNQ68 .I58 2011

Health Law

Dietrich, Mark O. and Gregory D. Anderson. The financial professional's guide to healthcare reform. KF3821 .D54 2012

Human Rights

Chandran, Parosha, editor. Human trafficking handbook: recognising trafficking and modern-day slavery in the UK. HQ281 .H866 2011

Choudhry, Shazia and Jonathan Herring. European human rights and family law. KD750 .C46 2010

Diller, Janelle M. Securing dignity and freedom through human rights: Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. K3240 .D55 2012

García Roca, Javier and Pablo Santolaya, editors. Europe of rights: a compendium on the European Convention of Human Rights. KJC5132 .A4195 E8513 2012

Leuprecht, Peter. Reason, justice and dignity: a journey to some unexplored sources of human rights. K3240 .L478 2012

Sarfaty, Galit A. Values in translation: human rights and the culture of the World Bank. K3240 .S2655 2012

Intellectual Property

Caggiano, Giandonato, Gabriella Muscolo, and Marina Tavassi, editors. Competition law and intellectual property: a European perspective. KJE6456 .C6528 2012

Carvalho, Nuno Pires de. Patently outdated: patents in the post-industrial economy: the case for service patents. K1505 .C37 2012

Gebreselassie, Abeba Tadesse. The sustainability of plants and plant intellectual property rights. K3876 .G43 2012

Hart, Herbert D., editor. Annual review of intellectual property law developments 2011. KF2979 .A56 2012

International Law

Ashiagbor, Diamond, Nicola Countouris, and Ioannis Lianos, editors. The European Union after the Treaty of Lisbon. KJE947 .E8775 2012

Cassese, Antonio, editor. Realizing utopia: the future of international law. KZ3410 .R435 2012

Hemmings, Alan D., Donald R. Rothwell, and Karen N. Scott, editors. Antarctic security in the twenty-first century: legal and policy perspectives. KWX70 .A6838 2012

International Trade

Åhman, Joachim. Trade, health, and the burden of proof in WTO law. K4610 .A94 2012

Denning, Brannon P. Bittker on the regulation of interstate and foreign commerce. 2nd edition. KF1976 .B58 2013

Olsen, Birgitte Egelund, Michael Steinicke, and Karsten Engsig Sorensen, editors. WTO law: from a European perspective. K4610 .W78664 2012


Baer, Harold. Judges under fire: human rights, independent judges, and the rule of law. K3367 .B34 2011


Fischer, Thomas C. Legal gridlock: a critique of the American legal system. KF384 .F57 2012

Krygier, Martin. Philip Selznick: ideals in the world. K370 .K794 2012

Maris, C. W. and Frans Jacobs, editors. Law, order and freedom: a historical introduction to legal philosophy. K230 .L38 2011

Marmor, Andrei, editor. The Routledge companion to philosophy of law. K235 .R68 2012

Porsdam, Helle and Thomas Elholm, editors. Dialogues on justice: European perspectives on law and humanities. K487 .H86 D53 2012

Sarat, Austin, editor. Transitions: legal change, legal meanings. K487 .P65 T73 2012


Shaw, Thomas J. Children and the Internet: a global guide for lawyers and parents. K564 .C6 S52 2012

Labor Law

Garcia, Ruben J. Marginal workers: how legal fault lines divide workers and leave them without protection. KF3464 .G37 2012

Lindemann, Barbara, Paul Grossman, and C. Geoffrey Weirich. Employment discrimination law. 5th edition. KF3464 .L56 2012

Novitz, Tonia and David Mangan, editors. The role of labour standards in development: from theory to sustainable practice? K1705 .R654 2011

Law Enforcement & Corrections

Tamburrini, Claudio and Jesper Ryberg, editors. Recidivist punishments: the philosopher's view. K5103 .R43 2012

Tonry, Michael H., editor. Retributivism has a past: has it a future? K5101 .R48 2011

Law & Society

Michelon, Cláudio, Gregor Clunie, Christopher McCorkindale, and Haris Psarras, editors. The public in law: representatives of the political in legal discourse. K235 .P83 2012

Modéer, Kjell Å. and Martin Sunnqvist, editors. Legal stagings: the visualization, medialization and ritualization of law in language, literature, media, art and architecture. KJC544.8 .L44 2012

Legal Education

Brandeis, Louis Dembitz. Louis D. Brandeis's MIT lectures on law (1892-1894). KF213 .B68 C63 2012

Schimel, Alex. Law school exams: a guide to better grades. KF283 .S335 2012

Legal Profession

Aaron, Marjorie Corman. Client science: advice for lawyers on counseling clients through bad news and other legal realities. KF311 .A923 2012

Blaikie, David, Thomas A. Cromwell, and Darrel Pink, editors. Why good lawyers matter. K115 .W49 2012

Dodd, Roger J. and Claudia N. Oltean. Media skills: the lawyer as spokesperson. KF310 .P63 D63 2009

Elowitt, Andrew. The lawyer's guide to professional coaching: leadership, mentoring, and effectiveness. KF276.5 .E44 2012

Kramon, James M. The art of practicing law: talking to clients, colleagues and others. KF300 .K73 2012

Miller, Nelson, James D. Robb, and John D. Crane, editors. Lawyers as economic drivers: the business case for legal services. KF298 .L393 2012

Legal Research & Bibliography

Fandl, Kevin J. Narrowing the gap: legal English for the new international legal practitioner. KF385 .F36 2012


Jenkins, Jeffery A. and Eric M. Patashnik, editors. Living legislation: durability, change, and the politics of American lawmaking. KF384 .A2 L585 2012

Medical Law

Smith, George Patrick. Law and bioethics: intersections along the mortal coil. KF3821 .S638 2012

Military, War, and Peace

Drumbl, Mark A. Reimagining child soldiers in international law and policy. K4725 .D78 2012

Schlueter, David A. Military criminal justice: practice and procedure. 8th edition. KF7620 .S34 2012

Wallensteen, Peter. Understanding conflict resolution. 3rd edition. KZ6010 .W353 2012

Politics & Government

Hirokawa, Keith H. and Patricia E. Salkin, editors. Greening local government: legal strategies for promoting sustainability, efficiency, and fiscal savings. KF5305 .G74 2012

Practice & Procedure

Cabraser, Elizabeth and Fabrice N. Vincent, editors. The law of class action: fifty-state survey, 2011-2012. KF8896 .L39 2012

Products Liability

Barnes, Jeb. Dust-up: asbestos litigation and the failure of commonsense policy reform. KF1297.A73 B37 2011

Cantor, Robin, editor. Product liability. KF1296 .P748 2011

Professional Ethics

Levin, Leslie C. and Lynn Mather, editors. Lawyers in practice: ethical decision making in context. K123 .L395 2012


Strasser, Mark. Religion, education and the state: an unprincipled doctrine in search of moorings. KF4162 .S77 2011

Science & Technology

Eltis, Karen. Courts, litigants and the digital age: law, ethics and practice. K2146 E48 2012

Guadamuz, Andrés. Networks, complexity and internet regulation: scale-free law. K564 .C6 G83 2011

Gutwirth, Serge. European data protection: in good health? KJE959.5 .C65 E97 2012

López-Tarruella, Aurelio. Google and the law: empirical approaches to legal aspects of knowledge-economy business models. K487 .T4 G66 2012

Shao, Guosong. Internet law in China. KNQ80 .C65 S53 2012


Ford, Christopher A. and Amichai Cohen, editors. Rethinking the law of armed conflict in an age of terrorism. KZ7220 .R48 2012

Reed, Esther D. and Michael Dumper, editors. Civil liberties, national security and prospects for consensus: legal, philosophical, and religious perspectives. K3278 .C35 2012


Richardson, Janice and Erika Rackley, editors. Feminist perspectives on tort law. KD1949 .F46 2012

Smith, Charles Anthony. The rise and fall of war crimes trials: from Charles I to Bush II. KZ1168.5 .S62 2012

Trade Regulation

Elhauge, Einer, editor. Research handbook on the economics of antitrust law. KF1652 .R47 2012

Nazzini, Renato. The foundations of European Union competition law: the objective and principles of Article 102. KJE6456 .N39 2011


Gertner, Nancy and Judith H. Mizner. The law of juries. 6th edition. KF8972 .G471 2012


Smith, Lionel, editor. Re-imagining the trust: trusts in civil law. K795 .R45 2012


McCammon, Holly J. The U.S. women's jury movements and strategic adaptation: a more just verdict. KF8977 .M33 2012

Nielsen, Ruth and Christina D. Tvarno, editors. Scandinavian women's law in the 21st Century. KJC5144 .W65 S26 2012