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New Books List December 2012

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Banking & Finance Economics International Law Legal Profession
Civil Law Elder Law International Trade Legislation
Civil Rights and Discrimination Environmental Law Jurisprudence Medical Law
Commercial Law Estate Planning & Probate Juveniles Military, War, and Peace
Comparative Law Family Law Labor Law Terrorism
Constitutional Law Foreign Law Legal Analysis & Writing Trade Regulation
Courts Human Rights Legal Education Women
Criminal Law & Procedure Intellectual Property Legal History  


Banking & Finance

Schön, Wolfgang and Kai A. Konrad, editors. Fundamentals of international transfer pricing in law and economics. K4550 .A6 F86 2012

Civil Law

Kramer, Xandra Ellen and C. H. van Rhee, editors. Civil litigation in a globalising world. K2204.8 .C58 2012

Wrbka, Stefan, Steven Van Uytsel, and Mathias Siems, editors. Collective actions: enhancing access to justice and reconciling multilayer interests? K2243 .C65 2012

Civil Rights and Discrimination

Herz, Michael E. and Peter Molnar, editors. The content and context of hate speech: rethinking regulation and responses. K5210 .C66 2012

Hoffer, Williamjames. Plessy v. Ferguson: race and inequality in Jim Crow America. KF223 .P56 H64 2012

Walker, Samuel. Presidents and civil liberties from Wilson to Obama: a story of poor custodians. KF5053 .W35 2012

Commercial Law

Garrick, John, editor. Law and policy for China's market socialism. KNQ920 .L386 2012

Comparative Law

Appleby, Gabrielle, Nicholas Aroney, and Thomas John, editors. The future of Australian federalism: comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. KU2035 .A67 F88 2012

Kleinfeld, Rachel. Advancing the rule of law abroad: next generation reform. K559 .K59 2012

Constitutional Law

Baines, Beverley, Daphne Barak-Erez, and Tsvi Kahana, editors. Feminist constitutionalism: global perspectives. K3243 .F456 2012

Frank, Walter M. Making sense of the constitution: a primer on the Supreme Court and its struggle to apply our fundamental law. KF4550 .F678 2012

McIntosh, Simeon C. R. Reading text and polity: hermeneutics and constitutional theory. KGL5548 .M33 2012

Rosenfeld, Michel and András Sajó, editors. The Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law. K3165 .O965 2012

Teubner, Gunther. Constitutional fragments: societal constitutionalism and globalization. K3165 .T478 2012


Barsky, Allan Edward. Clinicians in court: a guide to subpoenas, depositions, testifying, and everything else you need to know. KF8961 .B37 2012

Black, Ryan C. and Ryan J. Owens. The Solicitor General and the United States Supreme Court: executive branch influence and judicial decisions. KF8792.5 .B58 2012

De Jongh, Elena M. From the classroom to the courtroom: a guide to interpreting in the U.S. justice system. KF8806 .D4 2012

Doherty, Joseph W., Robert T. Reville, and Laura Zakaras, editors. Confidentiality, transparency, and the U.S. civil justice system. KF8700 .C658 2012

Criminal Law & Procedure

Binder, Guyora. Felony murder. KF9306 .B56 2012

Bisset, Alison. Truth commissions and criminal courts. KZ7230 .B57 2012

Clarke, Alan W. Rendition to torture. KF9635 .C53 2012


Viterbo, Annamaria. International economic law and monetary measures: limitations to states' sovereignty and dispute settlement. K4430 .V58 2012

Elder Law

Doron, Israel and Ann M. Soden, editors. Beyond elder law: new directions in law and aging. K5191 .A34 B49 2012

Environmental Law

McAdam, Jane. Climate change, forced migration, and international law. KZ6530 .M328 2012

Estate Planning & Probate

Long, Rosemary. Rest assured: a legal guide to wills, estates and funerals. 5th edition. KU76 .L66 2011

Marín Durán, Gracia and Elisa Morgera. Environmental integration in the EU's external relations: beyond multilateral dimensions. KJE6247 .M37 2012

Family Law

Andersen, Per, Kirsi Salonen, Helle Moller Sigh, and Helle Vogt, editors. Law and marriage in medieval and early modern times: proceedings of the eighth Carlsberg Academy Conference on Medieval Legal History 2011. KJ135 2011

Foreign Law

Murray, Fiona. The European Union and member state territories: a new legal framework under the EU treaties. KJE947 .M87 2012

Human Rights

De Wet, Erika and Jure Vidmar, editors. Hierarchy in international law: the place of human rights. K3240 .H54 2012

Keller, Helen and Geir Ulfstein, editors. UN human rights treaty bodies: law and legitimacy. K3240 .U5 2012

Moore, Jennifer. Humanitarian law in action within Africa. KZ6471 .M66 2012

Intellectual Property

Merrill, Stephen A. and Anne-Marie Mazza, editors. Managing university intellectual property in the public interest. KF2979 .N38 2011

Samaras, Harrie, editor. ADR advocacy, strategies, and practice: for intellectual property cases. KF2983 .A93 2011

Stokes, Simon. Art and copyright. 2nd edition. KD1320 .S76 2012

International Law

El Ouali, Abdelhamid. Territorial integrity in a globalizing world: international law and states' quest for survival. KZ1269 .E46 2012

Fauchald, Ole Kristian and André Nollkaemper, editors. The practice of international and national courts and the (de-)fragmentation of international law. KZ1242.5 .P73 2012

Ku, Charlotte. International law, international relations, and global governance. KZ1268 .K8 2012

Prost, Mario. The concept of unity in public international law. KZ1256 .P76 2012

Scott, Shirley V. International law, US power: the United States' quest for legal security. KF4581 .S36 2012

Urueña, Rene. No citizens here: global subjects and participation in international law. KZ4010 .U78 2012

International Trade

Lianos, Ioannis and Okeoghene Odudu, editors. Regulating trade in services in the EU and the WTO: trust, distrust and economic integration. KJE6569 .R4414 2012


Andenæs, Mads Tønnesson and Camilla Baasch Andersen, editors. Theory and practice of harmonisation. K605 .T48 2011

Anderson, Owen. The natural moral law: the good after modernity. K460 .A53 2012

Wintgens, Luc. Legisprudence: practical reason in legislation. K284 .W56 2012


Sheehan, Rosemary, Helen Rhoades and Nicky Stanley. Vulnerable children and the law: international evidence for improving child welfare, child protection and children's rights. K639 .A6 V85 2012

Labor Law

Kahlenberg, Richard D. and Moshe Z. Marvit. Why labor organizing should be a civil right: rebuilding a middle-class democracy by enhancing worker voice. KF3455 .K34 2012

Legal Analysis & Writing

Stark, Steven D. Writing to win: the legal writer. KF250 .S8 2012

Legal Education

Rubin, Edward L., editor. Legal education in the digital age. K100 .L45 2012

Legal History

Preston, Todd. King Alfred's book of laws: a study of the Domboc and its influence on English identity, with a complete translation. KD543 .P74 2012

Legal Profession

Hegland, Kenney F. and Paul D. Bennett. A short and happy guide to being a lawyer. KF300 .H44 2012

Redfield, Sarah E., editor. The education pipeline to the professions: programs that work to increase diversity. KF299 .M56 E38 2012


Straus, Jacob R., editor. Party and procedure in the United States Congress. KF4937 .P37 2012

Medical Law

Karpin, Isabel and Kristin Savell. Perfecting pregnancy: law, disability, and the future of reproduction. K3611 .A77 K37 2012

Kaye, Jane, Susan McGibbons, Catherine Henney, Michael Parker, and Andrew Smart, editors. Governing biobanks: understanding the interplay between law and practice. K3611 .H86 G68 2012

Military, War, and Peace

Benvenisti, Eyal. The international law of occupation. KZ6429 .B468 2012

Finkelstein, Claire Oakes, Jens David Ohlin, and Andrew Altman, editors. Targeted killings: law and morality in an asymmetrical world. KZ6373.2 .T37 2012

May, Larry and Andrew T. Forcehimes, editors. Morality, jus post bellum, and international law. KZ6745 .M67 2012


Saul, Ben, editor. Terrorism. KZ7220 .T466 2012

Trade Regulation

Fatur, Andrej. EU competition law and the information and communication technology network industries: economic versus legal concepts in pursuit of (consumer) welfare. KJE6497 .F378 2012

Zimmer, Daniel, editor. The goals of competition law. K3850 .A6 A82 2010


Freeman, Marsha A., Christine Chinkin, and Beate Rudolf, editors. The UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women: a commentary. K3243 .A4198 U5 2012