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I.  Validly Using the Lens of Literature
II.  Telling Their (Our) Story, a Fictional (Honest) Account
III.  Loving Lily?
    A.  Can We Love Lily if She Deafens Herself to Hearing the Pain of Her Sister and Prefers Enduring Ignorance over Enjoying Knowledge?
    B.  Can We Love Lily if She Cannot Accept Ida’s Black Female Experience?
    C.  Can We Love Lily if She Wants to Benefit, and Thinks She Benefits, from Her Husband’s Racial Hatred?
    D.  Can We Love Lily if She Cannot Fully Be Trusted and Will Not Express Remorse, Inwardly or Outwardly, for This Failure?
    E.  Can We Love Lily Even if We Know She Will Cause Great Pain to Some Who Try to Touch Her Heart?
    F.   Can We Love Lily, and Those Like Her, if She Is Scared into Inaction, Even when Her Heart Sings a Different Song?
IV.  Using Lily and Ida’s Blues to Lessen the Intensity
of Our Own?