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I.  The Supreme Court’s Section 5 Jurisprudence
    A.  The Court’s Section 5 Jurisprudence Before City of Boerne
    B.  The Change Wrought by City of Boerne
    C.  Florida Prepaid and Kimel: Variations on the Theme
        1.  Florida Prepaid
        2.  Kimel
    D.  Garrett and the Problem of Cleburne
    E.  The Current Law of Section 5
II.  Garrett, Romer, and ENDA
    A.  ENDA
    B.  Determining the Fourteenth Amendment Violation
    C.  What is the Equal Protection Violation in Romer?
    D.  Is ENDA Targeted at Unconstitutionally Irrational Sexual
Orientation Discrimination?

        1.  Status and Conduct, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and Bowers v. Hardwick
        2.  Pure Status Arguments
        3.  The Significance of ENDA’s Limits
              a.  Reading Romer as Unique
              b.  ENDA’s Limitations
    E.  Going Beyond Actual Violations: ENDA as Remedial or
Prophylactic Legislation

        1.  Is ENDA Congruent and Proportional?
        2.  Have States Engaged in a Pattern and Practice of Unconstitutional Employment Discrimination Against Gays and Lesbians?
III.  (Unsolicited) Advice to Congress
    A.  Documentation and Findings of Actual Government Bias Against Gays and Lesbians in Hiring
    B.  Documentation of the Relative Likelihood of Sex Crimes by Homosexuals
and Heterosexuals

    C.  The Irrationality of Sexual Orientation Discrimination
IV.  Thoughts on the Court’s Section 5 Jurisprudence in Light of ENDA’s Possible Fate
    A.  A First Cut: Congress’ Use of Legal Terms of Art
    B.  A Second Cut: Judicial Supremacy
    C.  A Third Cut: The Nature of the Equal Protection Guarantee
    D.  ENDA and Section 5