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[Pages 477-500]

I.  Background: What is Mobbing/Moral Harassment?
    A.  “Mobbing” Definition Proposed by Swedish Psychologist Heinz Leymann
    B.  “Moral Harassment” Definition Proposed by French
Psychologist Marie-France Hirigoyen

II.  The Development of Mobbing/Moral Harassment Law in Sweden, France, and on an EU-Wide Level
    A.  The Development of Mobbing Law in Sweden
        1.  The Ordinance on Victimization at Work
        2.  The Impact of Swedish Legislation
    B.  The Development of Moral Harassment Law in France
        1.  Early Case Law Mentioning the Concept of Moral Harassment and Foreshadowing Current Laws
        2.  Activism Against Moral Harassment
        3.  The Social Modernization Law and Provisions Added to the French Labor Code and Penal Code
        4.  Case Law Following the Introduction of Moral Harassment Laws
    C.  The Status of Moral Harassment Law on an EU-Wide Level
III.  Analysis: The Future of EU Legislation Against Moral Harassment
    A.  The Inadequacy of Current EU Legislation in
Addressing Moral Harassment

    B.  Suggestions for an EU Definition of Moral Harassment
    C.  Suggested Provisions for Effective Moral Harassment Legislation: Guidelines, Burden of Proof, Sanctions, Dissemination of
Information, and Dialogues