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I.  The Berne Convention as an Early and Ongoing Attempt to Globalize Copyright Law
    A.  The Early Days of the Berne Convention as a Mechanism to Safeguard Both Moral Rights and Economic Interests in Copyright
    B.  The Berne Convention and the Principle of Moral Rights as the Driving Force Behind Copyright Law
    C.  Initial U.S. Refusal to Participate in the Berne Convention
    D.  U.S. Copyright After the Berne Convention Implementation Act
II.  Principal Bases upon Which Copyright Rests
in the EU and in the United States

III.  The EU Envisions the Harmonization of Copyright
Law and Policy Brought About by the European
Parliament’s Internet Copyright Directive

    A.  The EU Drives Toward Ever-Increasing World Trading Prominence vis--vis a Pan-European Approach
    B.  The EU Copyright Directive: Its Short Past, Its Future, and Why It Should Be Adopted Without Undue Delay by Member States
IV.  Increased Levels of EU Copyright Harmonization Will Lead to Greater Global Harmonization as the United
States and the EU Strive Toward Achieving
Complementary Copyright Law and Policy