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I.  The Maturation of the WEU: The Fall of the Berlin Wall to the Gulf War, 1989–1991
    A.  The End of the Cold War
    B.  U.S.-EC Transatlantic Declaration
    C.  The Gulf War: The First Out-of-Area Crisis
II.  The Fall of Yugoslavia: Act One—Bosnia
    A.  Conceived with Haste, Dissolved with Blood
    B.  EC to the Rescue: “Europe’s Finest Hour”
        1.  Brioni Accords: Failure of EC Economic Policy Instruments
        2.  CFSP: Victim to the Great Debate
    C.  Mulling over the “Euro-Options”
        1.  Military Intervention
        2.  Diplomatic Resolution
              a.  Recognition
              b.  Partition Plan #1: Carrington-Cutiliero
              c.  Ostrich Politics: Turning Inward
    D.  Abdication of European Responsibility
        1.  The WEU and UNPROFOR in “Support” of UN Humanitarian Relief
        2.  Partition Plan #2: The Shame of Vance-Owen
        3.  Heavy Lies the Head: The Frustrating Search for a Successor
        4.  UNPROFOR, Neutrality, U.S. Indifference: A Recipe for European Security Disorder
        5.  Shocked into Service: Exeunt WEU and the EU; Enter NATO and the Contact Group
    E.  Reflections in the Aftermath
        1.  Dayton: The Dishonorable “Peace”
        2.  Rebuilding the European Pillar
        3.  Treaty of Amsterdam
        4.  NATO: Out-of-Area or Out of Business
III.  The Fall of Yugoslavia: Act Two—Kosovo
    A.  Bosnia Redux: Humanitarian Crisis, UN Paralysis, WEU Exclusion, Russian Intrusion, NATO Confusion
        1.  Breaking Promises: The Abrogation of Kosovar Territorial Autonomy
        2.  Inaction in the Face of Genocide: Coup de Grace for UN Collective Security
        3.  Enter the Alliance: “Last Hurrah” for the Regional Organizational Approach, or “With or Without WEU”
    B.  European Break from the Alliance? From WEU To a European Army
        1.  Legitimating the European Security and Defense Initiative
        2.  Collapse of Rambouillet and Implosion of the European Pillar
        3.  Cologne Undercuts the Alliance but “Rescues” United Europe
    C.  The Kosovo Peace Plan: The End of NATO As We Knew It?
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