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[Pages 353-398]

I.  History of Environmental Justice
    A.  Origins of the Movement
    B.  Evolution of the Movement
    C.  The Modern Environmental Justice Movement
    D.  Environmental Justice Today
    E.  Growth of a Movement
II.  The Creation of the Federal Energy Resource Commission
    A.  History of FERC
    B.  FERC as an Independent Agency
    C.  FERC and the Environment
        1.  FERC and Hydropower
        2.  Statutory Inroads
        3.  Judicial Inroads
III.  Environmental Justice as Applied to FERC’s Decisionmaking: The Traditional Methods
    A.  Executive Order No. 12,898
        1.  Scope of the Order
        2.  Judicial Review
    B.  Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
        1.  Generally
        2.  As Applied to FERC
    C.  Equal Protection Clause
        1.  Generally
        2.  Equal Protection and Environmental Justice
        3.  As Applied to FERC
IV.  FERC and Environmental Justice: Do Environmental Statutes Provide a Better Way?
        1.  Independence as a Shield
        2.  Comparison with Other Agencies
        3.  The Effect of FERC’s Failure: Mount Vernon
    B.  Environmental Justice Under Statutory Authority
        1.  The Traditionalist Approach
        2.  Public Participation
        3.  Bridging the Gap Between Environmental Law and Environmental Justice
    C.  Do NEPA and CAA Provide Environmental Justice Claimants With a Remedy?
        1.  The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
        2.  Environmental Justice Analysis Under NEPA
        3.  The Clean Air Act
        4.  Environmental Justice Analysis Under CAA