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[Pages 79-118]

I.  The Ski Industry, the White River National Forest, and Alternative D
    A.  The History of Skiing
    B.  The White River National Forest and Alternative D
        1.  The White River National Forest
        2.  Alternative D
II.  The Forest Service and Its Multiple-Use, Sustained Yield Approach to National Forest Management
    A.  The Origin of National Forests
    B.  The Multiple-Use, Sustained Yield Act of 1960
    C.  Evolution of Multiple Uses on National Forest Land
        1.  1905 to 1945
        2.  1945 to 1970
        3.  1970 to Today
              a.  The National Forest Management Act
              b.  The Ecosystem Approach
III.  The National Forest Ski Area Permit Act of 1986 (NFSAPA)
    A.  Background of NFSAPA
    B.  The Failings of NFSAPA
    C.  Recent Confrontations over Development Projects
        1.  Environmentalists’ General Concerns About Ski Resorts
              a.  Increased Visitors and Air Quality
              b.  Water Quality and Wildlife
              c.  Developmental Sprawl
              d.  Corporate Debt
        2.  Recent Conflicts Between Environmentalists and Resort Developers
        3.  Environmental Mitigation Techniques Currently Employed by Ski Resorts
IV.  EPA’s Project XL
    A.  The Impetus for Project XL
    B.  Elements of Project XL and Their Benefits
    C.  Implementation and Results
    D.  Reactions to Project XL
V.  Applying the Rationale and Policies of Project XL to Ski Area Use of National Forest Land