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I.  Natural Resources and Environmental Justice
II.  Statutory and Regulatory Authority
    A.  Integrating Environmental Justice into Natural Resource and Environmental Decisionmaking
    B.  Environmental Justice and Existing Statutory Authority
    C.  Integration of Environmental Justice Concerns into the Review of the Agency’s Permit Programs
III.  Protecting a Diversity of Habitats—Starting at Home
    A.  Fish Consumption Under the Clean Water Act
        1.  Establishment of Ambient Water Quality Criteria
        2.  Current AWQC Management of Risk Distribution
        3.  Towards Establishment of AWQS from the Perspective of the Affected Community
    B.  National Environmental Policy Act
        1.  Consideration of the Human Environment
        2.  Administrative Litigation: Environmental Justice in the NEPA Context
              a.  Nuclear Regulatory Commission
              b.  Bureau of Land Management
    C.  Resource Specific Analysis
        1.  Environmental Justice and Public Interest Considerations in Issuance of Section 404 Permits to Dredge and Fill Wetlands—A Case Study
        2.  Review of the Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Permit
        3.  Response to Comments on the FEIS
        4.  Position to Deny