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[Pages 307-339]

I.  The Conflict at Devils Tower: An Attempt at
Common Ground

    A.  Final Climbing Management Plan
        1.  The Stake Ladder Closure
        2.  The Raptor Closure
        3.  The Sacred Site Closure
    B.  The FCMP Goes to Court
II.  Two Visions of Religious Freedom
    A.  A Formal Vision of Religious Freedom
        1.  The Free Exercise Clause
        2.  The Establishment Clause
    B.  A Full Vision of Religious Freedom
        1.  Fullness and Free Exercise
        2.  Fullness and Establishment
III.  The Early Precedents
    A.  American Indian Religious Freedom and Restoration Act
        1.  Sequoyah v. Tennessee Valley Authority
        2.  Badoni v. Higginson
        3.  Cases following Sequoyah and Badoni
              a.  Crow v. Gullett
              b.  Inupiat Community v. United States
              c.  Wilson v. Block
IV. The Supreme Court Speaks: Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association
    A.  Lower Court Proceedings
    B.  Justice O’Connor’s Majority Opinion
    C.  Justice Brennan’s Dissent
    D.  Cases following Lyng
        1.  Manybeads v. United States
        2.  Attakai v. United States
        3. Havasupai Tribe v. United States
V.  A gasp for fullness: Bear Lodge
VI.  Conclusion