Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

University Administrators
Fall 1996

Academic Development Center
Suzanne M. Barrett, Director

Undergraduate Admission
John L. Mahoney, Jr., Director

Affirmative Action
Barbara Marshall, Director

AHANA Student Programs
Donald Brown, Director

Alumni Association
John F. Wissler, Executive Director

McMullen Museum of Art
Nancy D. Netzer, Director

Chet S. Gladchuk, Jr., Director

University Audiovisual Services
Yoshio Saito, Director

Black Studies Program
Frank Taylor, Director

Thomas McKenna, Director

University Budgets
Michael T. Callnan, Director

Buildings and Grounds
Thomas F. Devine, Director

Bureau of Conferences
David Early, Director

Campus School
Philip A. DiMattia, Director

Career Center
Frank Fessenden, Director

University Chaplain
Richard T. Cleary, S.J.

Children's Center
Barbara A. Krakowsky, Director

Computer Center
Rodney J. Feak, Director

Continuing Education, School of Nursing
W. Jean Weyman, Director

Michael J. Driscoll

Center for Corporate Community Relations
Brad Googins, Director

University Counseling Services
Thomas P. McGuinness, Director

Development, Annual and Major Gifts
Randy F. Stabile, Director

Development-Endowment and Capital Programs
Stephen A. Dare, Director

Dining Service
Patricia A. Bando, Director

Electronics and Machining Workshop
Scott W. Winchell, Director

Employee Relations
Richard P. Jefferson, Director

Employment and Employee Development
Bernard R. O'Kane, Director

Dean for Enrollment Management
Robert S. Lay, Dean

Enrollment Systems
Rita R. Owens, Director

Environmental Health and Safety
Suzanne Howard, Director

Financial Aid
Bernard A. Pekala, Director

First Year Experience
Joseph P. Marchese, Director

Foreign Study Program
James F. Flagg, Director

Health Services
Thomas I. Nary, M.D., Director

Honors Program, College of Arts & Sciences
Joseph A. Appleyard, S.J., Director

University Historian
Charles F. Donovan, S.J.

University Housing
Robert F. Capalbo, Director

Information Processing Support
William J. Fleming, Director

Information Technology
Bernard W. Gleason, Jr. , Associate Vice President

Information Technology
Martin A. Smith, Director

Institutional Information Resources
James M. O'Neill, Director

Internal Audit
William E. Chadwick, Director

International Programs
Marian St. Onge, Director

Jesuit Institute
Michael Buckley, S.J., Director

Law School Institutional Advancement
Deborah Blackmore Abrams, Director

Law School Library
Sharon Hamby O'Connor, Law Librarian

Learning to Learn
Dan Bunch, Director

Learning Resources for Student Athletes
Kevin M. Lyons, Director

Legal Counsel, University Affairs
Dennis J. Yesalonia, S.J.

University Librarian
Jerome Yavarkovsky

Management Center
John McKiernan, Director

Management Information Systems
J. Joseph Harrington, Director

Network Services
Clayton Jeffers, Director

Center for Nursing Research
Mary E. Duffy, Director

Planning and Construction
Alfred G. Pennino, Associate Vice President

Boston College Police
Robert A. Morse, Chief

University Policies & Procedures
Ivy Dodge, Director

Public Affairs
Douglas J. Whiting, Director

Publications and Print Marketing
Ben Birnbaum, Director

John D. Beckwith, Director

University Registrar
Louise M. Lonabocker

Institute of Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry
Claire Lowery, Director

Research Administration
Stephen Erickson, Director

Risk Management & Insurance
Michael J. Prinn, Director

Institute for Scientific Research
Leo F. Power, Jr., Director

Social Welfare Research Institute
Paul G. Schervish, Director

Space Management
Joyce C. Saunders, Director

Dean for Student Development
Robert A. Sherwood

Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation, and Educational Policy
Albert E. Beaton, Director

Technology Planning and Integration
Paul R. Dupuis, Director

Theater Arts Center
Howard Enoch, Director

Associate Treasurer
Paul P. Haran

Weston Observatory
John E. Ebel, Director

Source: Office of Human Resources
Date Posted: January 21, 1997
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