Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Office of Research Administration
Highlights of Sponsored Activities during 1995-1996

A total of 231 proposals were submitted in FY1996. The amount of funding requested for the total project period for these proposals was $54,292,731. The number of proposals submitted in FY1996 remained constant with the number submitted in FY1995. A greater number of proposals were submitted to nonfederal sponsors in FY1996 for which the amounts requested were smaller than those requested from federal sponsors.

There were 165 sponsored awards funded in FY1996 for a total of $18,046,173. This represented a 5.7% increase in the number of funding actions and indicates the continued success of Boston College faculty.

Overall, there remains a general upward trend in sponsored activities at Boston College as represented by the number of proposals submitted and awards received over the past three years. In addition, the number of faculty working with the Office of Research Administration in both proposal development and award administration continues to increase annually.

Source: Office of Research Administration
Date Posted: December 4, 1996
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