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Management Information Systems

The department of Management Information Systems (MIS) develops and maintains the University's information systems. Each year MIS receives 800 to 1,000 requests for changes or enhancements to existing programs and development of new systems. The time needed to complete these changes, enhancements, and new systems can range from two hours to many months. The Boston College information systems environment is dynamic, complex, and constantly open to change. Users of CICS (IBM's Customer Information Control System), across the University, access over 2,100 different screen formats in the on-line production system. Each night more than 195 scheduled computer jobs plus special requests are run in "batch," producing grade reports, paychecks, registration forms, bills, labels, and other vital documents. More recently, the MIS department is increasingly involved with integrating the installation and implementation of desk-top and departmental solutions with existing and upgraded mainframe capabilities. The table below presents a summary of selected performance statistics for fiscal years 1989-90 through 1994-95.

Source: Management Information Systems

Date Posted: February 19, 1997
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