Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

The Jesuit Community at Boston College

With nearly 130 members, the Jesuit Community at Boston College is among the largest in the world and is certainly the largest in any college or university. Forty-five Jesuits work full-time at Boston College, 30 on different faculties and 15 in administrative positions. One third of the community consists of Jesuits nominally retired from academic work at Boston College, but many of these still teach and work in administrative posts on a part-time basis. A number of Jesuits in the community also offer Ignatian retreats and spiritual direction to faculty, staff, and students. Also part of the community are some 25 Jesuits from 13 different countries who are studying for graduate degrees at the University and several visiting scholars from other institutions. The main community residence is St. Maryís Hall, but there are also communities at Roberts House and Manresa House (both on Beacon Street) and at Barat House (on the Newton Campus). The Jesuits who staff St. Ignatius Parish are also a part of the Boston College Jesuit Community.

Source: Rector, Jesuit Community

Date Posted: February 18, 1997
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