Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Academic Department Locations
Accounting Department Fulton 550
Arts and Sciences, College of Gasson 109A
Biology Department Higgins 321
Business Law Department Fulton 420
Chemistry Department Merkert 125
Classical Studies Department Carney 122
Communication Department Lyons 215
Computer Science Department Fulton 460
Counseling, Developmental Psychology, and Research Methods Department Campion 309
Counseling Services Gasson 108, Campion 301, Fulton 254
Curriculum, Administration, and Special Education Department Campion 211
Economics Department Carney 131
Education, School of Campion 101
English Department Carney 445
College of Advancing Studies McGuinn 106
Finance Department Fulton 330
Fine Arts Department Devlin 434
Geology and Geophysics Department Devlin 213
Germanic Studies Department Lyons 201
Graduate Arts and Sciences McGuinn 221
Graduate Management Program Fulton 320
History Department Carney 116
Honors Program
Arts and Sciences Gasson 102
Education Campion 101
Management Fulton 226
Language Laboratory Lyons 313
Law School Stuart Hall, Newton Campus
Management Center Fulton 556
Marketing Department Fulton 450
Mathematics Department Carney 374
Music Department Lyons 407
Nursing, School of Cushing 202
Operations and Strategic Management Department Fulton 350
Organizational Studies Program Fulton 430
Philosophy Department Carney 251
Physics Department Higgins 355
Political Science Department McGuinn 201
Psychology Department McGuinn 301
Religious Education and Pastoral Ministry, Institute of 31 Lawrence Ave.
Romance Languages and Literature Department Lyons 304
Slavic and Eastern Languages Department Lyons 210
Social Work, Graduate School of McGuinn 131
Sociology Department McGuinn 426
Summer Session McGuinn 100
Theater Department Robsham
Theology Department Carney 417
Undergraduate Management Program Fulton 360
Source: Office of Space Management

Date Posted: November 7, 1996
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