Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

University Archives

Archives are the official noncurrent papers and records of an institution that are deemed worthy of preservation for their legal, fiscal, or historical values. The University Archives, a department within the John J. Burns Library, contain the office records and documents of the various University offices, academic and otherwise, copies of all University publications, including student publications, movie footage of Boston College football, some audiovisual materials, and tape recordings of the University Lecture Series and other significant events. A significant collection of photographs documents the pictorial history of Boston College. Alumni, faculty, and Jesuit records are also preserved. In addition, the Archives are the repository for the documents of Newton College of the Sacred Heart (1946-1975); the Jesuit Education Association (1934-1970); the Catholic International Education Office (1952-1976); and the documents of the Jesuit Community of Boston College (1863- ).

Source: University Librarian
Date Posted: February 20, 1997
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