Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Alumni Association
Board of Directors

With Committee Assignments

Richard J. O'Brien, '58, GSSW '60
President, University Liasion, Member Relations

Thomas J. Martin, '61
Vice President/President Elect, Awards, Long Range Planning

Karen McCabe Hare, '87
Treasurer, Benefits, Products & Services

Philip C. Hazard, Jr., '78
Secretary, Admissions, Long Range Planning

John P. Connor, Jr., Esq., '65, LAW '68
Past President, Athletic Liaison, Career Services, Nominations

Dennis J. Berry, Esq., '70, LAW '73
Communications and Public Relations

Karen Murphy Birmingham, NC '64
Awards, Newton College Alumnae, Nominations

Sabrina M. Bracco, '97
Class Government Council

James P. Day, Esq., '67
Regional Clubs

Peter D. DiBattista, '88
College of Advancing Studies

George A. Downey, '61
Council of Past Presidents, Physical Facilities, Long-Range Planning

Rev. Lawrence J. Drennan, '53
Spiritual Enrichment

Donald J. Emond, GSSW '62
Social Work

Donald A. Garnett, '77
AHANA, Awards, Nominations

Jean M. Graham, '90
Community Service, Continuing Learning, Second Helping, Career Services

Robert F. X. Hart, '60, GSSW '62
Regional Clubs, Community Service

John K. Kirk, CGSOM '92

James J. Marcellino, Esq., LAW '68
Law School

Keith S. Mathews, '80

Michael A. Mingolelli, '70
Awards, Career Services, Classes

James F. Nagle, '89
Benefits, Products & Services, Social Activities and Travel Programs

Lynn M. Page, '91
Career Services, Nominations, Young Alumni Club

Rhonda C. Raffi, NC '75
Newton College, Classes, Community Service

John M. Riley, '82
Alcohol Awareness, Long-Range Planning, Nominations

Louis V. Sorgi, '45
Alcohol Awareness, Development, Institute for Learning in Retirement

John D. Sullivan, Ph.D. '50

Thomas M. Sullivan, '89
Benefits, Products & Services, Regional Clubs

Elizabeth F. Zima, '84
Career Services

Source: Alumni Association
Date Posted: April 1, 1997
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