Boston College Fact Book 1996 - 1997

Academic Development Center

The Academic Development Center (ADC) exists to support and enhance all aspects of academic excellence by helping undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty improve learning quality and teaching effectiveness. The ADC, which opened its doors in September 1991, is located on the second floor of O'Neill Library in the Eileen M. and John M. Connors, Jr. Learning Center.

The ADC is a comprehensive, inclusive resource serving all of the University's students and faculty. To address the needs of the great majority of Boston College students, the Center provides tutoring for more than 60 courses, including calculus, statistics, biology, chemistry, nursing, accounting, and classical and foreign languages. In addition, graduate students in English serve as writing tutors. (All ADC tutors are recommended and approved by their relevant academic departments; most are graduate students, juniors, or seniors.)

The Center offers programs designed to challenge the most academically talented, highest achieving students - as well as programs designed to support those who are least prepared and most academically challenged. One of the ADC's three professional staff members assists students with learning disabilities, helping to ensure their academic success at Boston College.

Tutoring, and all other academic support services, are free of charge to all Boston College students and instructors.

The Center also sponsors seminars, workshops, and discussions for faculty and graduate teaching fellows on strategies for successful teaching and learning. Through these and other activities, the Academic Development Center plays an increasingly important role in enhancing the quality of academic life at Boston College.

Academic Year

Hours of Tutoring

Students Tutored

Rated Tutoring "Extremely" or "Very Useful"

1991-92 2,584 1,100 88%
1992-93 3,973 2,000 92%
1993-94 4,585 2,000 93%
1994-95 5,215 2,200 91%
1995-96 6,419 2,000 92%
Source: University Librarian

Date Posted: February 19, 1997
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