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From the Director's Desk

    Happy Spring!

    Now is a perfect time to think about savings and investing. As you make your plan for your budget, be sure you include something for savings. Everyone should have a little something set aside for a rainy day. The fun part of having savings is watching it grow. Spring is a time for things to come to life, let your savings be one of them!

    Marsia Hill-Kreaime
    $uccessful Start Director

April 2013 Upcoming Workshops

Financial Literacy Focus: Investing

Money Saving Smart App of the Month

Happy April BC students!

For $uccessful Start, this month is all about investing! Think you’re too young to invest? Think again. Even starting with a small investment can have a big payoff because young people who invest have the benefit of time on their side. For example, if you invested just $100 per month in an ING online savings account (interest rate at .8%), in 30 years you would have over $40,000! Making small financial sacrifices now can lead to big financial gain in the future. Want help learning how to invest? Come to our April 4th workshop for tips and tricks for young investors. You can also check out this month’s newsletter, which focuses on how to begin to invest, even as a college student.

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