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Boston College Experience

Summer Program for High School Students

The Boston College Experience is a six-week program offered to high school students who have completed the eleventh grade and have outstanding academic records. The college experience introduces students to a campus environment and encourages personal exploration, growth and discovery of new interests. The experience helps students develop strategies for dealing with the more intense and special demands of college study and provides an unusual opportunity for high-school students to immerse themselves in activities that are important to them.

The academic program includes a full range of undergraduate courses. Most courses carry no prerequisites and may be selected on the basis of student interest and aspirations. Rather than concentrating on facts and descriptions, as is typical with high school study, the college courses emphasize modes of inquiry and interpretation. Courses numbered under 299 are appropriate and include a broad array of subject matter in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science.

The college experience program attracts students with specific academic and career goals and those who want to refine directions. For students who wish to explore, the college experience provides support and a chance to broaden their interests. A university experience builds confidence and encourages students to reach a more informed judgment with respect to future courses of study.

For more information, visit the Boston College Experience Homepage. You can also contact us by phone (617) 552-3800 or e-mail